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Prebiotics improve glucose homeostasis: Study

By Danielle Masterson

The gut-brain axis plays a key role in the regulation of sugar in the blood. However, those with diabetes experience significantly higher sugar levels because the condition causes the regulation process to malfunction.


The connection between poor sleep and unhealthy diet: Study

By Danielle Masterson

Women with poor overall sleep quality consume higher amounts of added sugars associated with obesity and diabetes, according to a new study published online in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

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Diet has swift effects on sperm quality

By Danielle Masterson

‘You are what you eat’ - but could that extend to offspring? A new study gives fresh insight into the effects diet has on the quality of sperm.

Nielsen: ‘Purposeful ingredients’ drive US retail growth

Nielsen: ‘Purposeful ingredients’ drive US retail growth

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Consumer attention to health and wellness when making food and beverage purchases has impacted specific areas of the grocery store, specifically the rise in sales of no sugar added products and items that contain stevia or monk fruit, Nielsen data found.

Picture: Food Tech Expo and Summit

Trendspotting at the Food Tech Expo and Summit in Mexico City

By Steve Osborn, Principal Consultant, Food and Beverage, The Aurora Ceres Partnership, Banamex Mexico City, Mexico

What are the hottest trends in food and beverage in Latin America? Steve Osborn, principal consultant, food and beverage, at The Aurora Ceres Partnership, headed to the Food Tech Expo and Summit in Mexico City to find out...

Study shows potential for D-tagatose as sports nutrition ingredient

Study shows potential for D-tagatose as sports nutrition ingredient

By Hank Schultz

D-tagatose, an alternative sweetener that has drifted at the periphery of commercial viability for more than a decade, may have a new lease on life because of its blood sugar management properties, according to a study conducted by ChromaDex.

The Nutrasorb technology is being tested by

Polyphenol-enriched soybean flour shows blood sugar benefits

By Stephen Daniells

Polyphenol-enriched soybean flour for supplements and functional foods may help reduce blood sugar levels, says a new study with lab animals that supports the potential health benefits of the Nutrasorb ingredients.

Reformulating for weight management success: Panel Discussion

Reformulating for weight management success: Panel Discussion

As the world takes a long, hard look at waistlines and decides to do something about them, the food and beverage industry is under pressure to slash the fat and sugar content in products, and provide accessible information about what’s in a pack. This...

Sugar proposals sweet enough?

Sugar proposals sweet enough?

Although trade talks in Cancun collapsed this month the pressure
remains on the European Union to shake up its heavily subsidised
sugar regime. At a time when the sugar industry continues to
struggle as fears grow over a worldwide...


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