Life Extension: optimising fish oils with bioactives

By Olivia Brown

Within the crowded fish oil supplement market, the nutraceutical manufacturer Life Extension aims to optimise health and longevity through the pairing of omega-3 with bioactive compounds inspired by the Mediterranean diet.

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Science reports compile skin health benefits of omega-3

By Nikki Hancocks

GOED (the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s) has created two reports outlining the benefits of omega-3s to skin health conditions utilising its database of more than 40,000 published papers.

Mixed review for Rhodiola rosea and sports performance

Mixed review for Rhodiola rosea and sports performance

By Asia Sherman

Does Rhodiola rosea reduce fatigue and increase endurance during times of emotional and physical stress? The Cold War Russians thought so, administering extracts from the hardy Siberia-grown perennial to its high-performing astronauts, soldiers and Olympic...

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GNC and SPINS team up

By Danielle Masterson

The duo is planning to take the VMS category by storm with enhanced research and trends capabilities housed in SPINS’ product intelligence platform.


MenaQ7 Vitamin K may offer heart protection in menopausal women

By Olivia Brown

In soon-to-be published research by Gnosis by Lesaffre, new findings suggest that daily intakes of MenaQ7 vitamin K supplement may improve blood vessel elasticity and regulate blood pressure in menopausal women with arterial stiffness.

NutraCast: Nutritional Concerns of the Female Athlete

NutraCast: Nutritional Concerns of the Female Athlete

By Danielle Masterson

Although women have been underrepresented in nutrition, sport, and exercise science research, there’s a growing understanding of how sex differences and sex hormones influence the nutritional requirements to maximize health, performance, and recovery...

GettyImages - Professional female soccer player / peepo

Study: Elite soccer nutritionists highly recommend dietary supplements

By Olivia Haslam

A recent study has found that a high proportion of nutrition professionals working with elite soccer teams would recommend nutritional supplementation, highlighting the crucial role of nutritionists in enhancing player performance through well-informed...

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Tailored enzymes could be a game-changer for fish protein powders

By Danielle Masterson

Biotechnologists are diminishing the smell of fish and opening doors for protein powders previously deemed too ‘fishy.’ This finding has the potential to improve the quality of fish protein hydrolysates and promote their application as ingredients–while...

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