Is the centenarian microbiome the fountain of youth?

Q&A with IFF: Is the centenarian microbiome the fountain of youth?

By Asia Sherman

“Most of us don’t even want to think about dying, getting frail, losing vitality, closing our eyes for the last time, but one thing’s for sure – it’s coming. The question is when. How many years will you get out of your body? And do we even have any say...

Dietary supplement industry remembers Bill Richardson

Dietary supplement industry remembers Bill Richardson

By Asia Sherman

Former New Mexico governor and congressman Bill Richardson, who died Sept. 1 at age 75, dedicated his life to public service and freeing political hostages, but he also championed the dietary supplement industry when it needed it most.

©Getty Images - Ildo Frazao

FDA’s takedown of NMN raises fairness, transparency concerns

By Hank Schultz

NMN, an anti-aging ingredient, has been disallowed by FDA because of its prior investigation as a drug. The determination, which came as something of a surprise given the ingredient’s market history, has raised questions of fairness and transparency.

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ESSNA joins industry initiative to promote sustainability

By Nikki Hancocks

The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) has joined the EU Code of Conduct for Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices to undertake tangible actions to contribute towards the industry’s inclusive and sustainable growth.

©Getty Images - Juanmonino

CRN: Gummy article harps on problems, ignores benefits

By Hank Schultz

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted potential issues with the formulation and usage of gummy supplements with little attention given to the benefits of these products, the Council for Responsible Nutrition says.

NutraCast: The lack of nutritional guidelines for trans people

NutraCast: The lack of nutritional guidelines for trans people

By Danielle Masterson

As transgender Americans gain visibility, a recent Pew Research survey found that 1.6% of US adults are transgender or nonbinary, meaning their gender differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. That rate is even higher for younger adults, with...

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Industry Perspectives

Gut health: A market on the rise

By Stephen Daniells

The global gut health is variously estimated at around €15-30 billion and predicted to grow by around 8% annually at least to the end of the decade, but what are the opportunities and hurdles for companies wanting to win in it?

©Getty Images - WD Stuart

Vetting suppliers becomes ever more crucial as US-China tensions rise

By Hank Schultz

Heightened US-China tensions have caused planners in all industrial sectors to reevaluate their sourcing arrangements. Stakeholders in the dietary supplement industry say having firm relationships with well-vetted suppliers is the best way to manage...

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