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ODSP Director Cara Welch and NutraIngredients-USA's Danielle Masterson.

ODSP’s Welch: NDIN 'guidances are not enforceable'

By Danielle Masterson

FDA’s director of the Office of Dietary Supplement Programs (ODSP), Cara Welch, PhD, stopped by SupplySide East to present an overview of the agency’s FY23 activities related to dietary supplements and FY24 plans as well as an update on the pending Human...

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SDNY Judge denies CRN’s request for preliminary injunction

By Stephen Daniells

A judge in the Southern District of New York has denied the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s motion for a preliminary injunction against a new law coming into effect on Monday, April 22 that will restrict access to certain dietary supplements for people...

Malnutrition offers insight into the gut-brain axis

Malnutrition offers insight into the gut-brain axis research gap

By Claudia Adrien

Cognitive deficits caused by malnutrition may be restored by interventions targeting the gut microbiome. However, direct imaging of the brain is still needed to understand those cognitive connections in humans, according to findings published in Clinical...

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Kemin receives novel food authorization for BetaVia Pure

By Nikki Hancocks

Kemin Industries has received novel food authorization from the European Commission for its BetaVia Pure postbiotic ingredient, a proprietary strain of the algae Euglena gracilis, with five-year exclusivity in the European market.

CRN’s Steve Mister on NDI enforcement: 'That needs to change'

CRN’s Steve Mister on NDI enforcement: 'That needs to change'

By Danielle Masterson

SupplySide East just wrapped up, and attendees were buzzing about a number of issues ranging from restrictive laws to NDI guidance to DSHEA. NutraIngredients-USA caught up with CRN’s President and CEO Steve Mister Wednesday in Secaucus, NJ to discuss...

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Peruvian anchovy fishing quota signals rebound for omega-3 supply

By Nikki Hancocks

The Peruvian authorities have announced the first anchovy fishing season of 2024 can commence with a sizable quota, signaling a return to normal supply after a challenging year of low stock and rising costs for the omega-3 industry.

Don't miss the Botanical Supply Chain webinar!

Coming soon: The Botanical Supply Chain webinar

By Stephen Daniells

Hear from experts from Nature’s Way, the American Botanical Council, Plantaphile and Ayana Bio in a free webinar on April 25 that explores the challenges of a rapidly changing (and stretched) botanical supply chain.

“A big part of our show here is to refresh Nature's Way and present the brand in an updated, more vibrant way,

Nature’s Way reintroduces itself

By Danielle Masterson

In an effort to bolster its origin story, revamp its offerings and update its design, Nature’s Way underwent a rebrand. The legacy brand showcased the new look recently at Expo West.

NutraCast: Metabolism tracking with Lumen

NutraCast: Metabolism tracking with Lumen

By Danielle Masterson

We track our steps, our sleep, our cycles and so much more—so why not track our metabolism? While research shows that a healthy metabolism is crucial for a healthier and longer life, it’s not always easy to track. Healthtech company Lumen is hoping to...

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Supplements to slow biological aging: What does the science say?

By Olivia Brown

The concept of biological age has captured consumer attention with an increasing number of brands offering supplements promising to slow or even reverse the biological clock, but what does the scientific evidence backing these claims say?

NutraWomen Wednesday: Caitlin Beatty, Mimio Health

NutraWomen Wednesday: Caitlin Beatty, Co-founder and COO, Mimio Health

By Danielle Masterson

Mimio Health is a nutritech company that Caitlin Beatty co-founded with her brother Christopher Rhodes, a PhD in nutritional biochemistry. The company launched biomimetic supplements designed from human biology to optimize health, slow aging and enhance...

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