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Supplement OWL Tier 2

CRN launches pilot program for Commercial Data Exchange (CDX)

By Stephen Daniells

As the Supplement OWL approaches 12,000 labels in its Tier 1 product label library, the Council for Responsible has announced a new pilot program to build out Tier 2, which will be known as the Commercial Data Exchange, or CDX.

USP meeting tries to get handle on rapidly evolving DNA techniques

USP meeting tries to get handle on rapidly evolving DNA techniques

By Hank Schultz

A recent USP stakeholder meeting wrestled with the thorny issue of how to put some kind of standards around the use of DNA techniques for botanical ingredient identification. The word from one of the attendees is that it is far too early to tell where...

PrimaVie is a branded form of shilajit, a type of rock exudate collected in the Himalayas.  Photo courtesy of Natreon.

Natreon says organic stamp on shilajit ingredient backs quality message

By Hank Schultz

Natreon has announced an organic certification on its PrimaVie shilajit ingredient. As this is not an agricultural commodity, the company views the certification as more of a statement of overall quality rather than primarily a verification of its production...

Judy Blatman with NutraIngredients-USA editor in chief Stephen Daniells, left, and deputy editor Hank Schultz.


MEET THE WINNERS: NutraChampion Judy Blatman

By Hank Schultz

NutraChampion winner Judy Blatman said she has seen a maturation of the dietary supplement industry in her time at the Council for Responsible Nutrition and sees great potential for the future.

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