American Ingredients Inc: 'The pomegranate extract market in the USA has become very competitive'

Standing out in a crowded pomegranate extract market

By Elaine Watson

Pharmachem Laboratories subsidiary American Ingredients Inc is hoping to stand out in the crowded US pomegranate extracts market with a polyphenol-rich organic extract that has been a bit hit in Europe.

Nano-pomegranate shows anti-cancer potential

Nano-pomegranate shows anti-cancer potential

By Stephen Daniells

Bioactive compounds from pomegranate may self-assemble into nanoparticles with gelatin, and exhibit efficacy at stopping the growth and spread of cancer cells, says exploratory research from the University of Florida.

Study questions pomegranate supplement standardization

Study questions pomegranate supplement standardization

By Lorraine Heller

Standardizing pomegranate extract supplements to ellagic acid alone could be inaccurately representing their antioxidant activity and misleading consumers as to their health benefits, according to a study of commercially available products.


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