Diverse polyphenol-rich ingredient may provide ‘sustained exposure’ to bioactives

By Stephen Daniells

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Fytexia's Oxxynea ingredient combines extracts from green olive, grape, pomegranate, green tea, grapefruit, bilberry, and orange.    Image © burakpekakcan / Getty Images
Fytexia's Oxxynea ingredient combines extracts from green olive, grape, pomegranate, green tea, grapefruit, bilberry, and orange. Image © burakpekakcan / Getty Images

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A combination of polyphenol rich extracts from multiple botanicals may boost levels of beneficial metabolites in the blood and help fill gaps associated with low fruit and vegetable consumption, says a new study from Fytexia.

The study used the Oxxynea polyphenol-rich ingredient developed by Fytexia. It combines extracts from different botanical sources, including green olive, grape, pomegranate, green tea, grapefruit, bilberry, and orange.

Writing in Nutrients​, scientists report that supplementation with Oxxynea led to a sustained exposure to several polyphenolic metabolites and catabolites, “and reduces the inter-individual variation that could arise from supplementing only one class of (poly)phenol”​.

Commenting on the potential implications of their proof-of-concept pharmacokinetic study, the researchers noted: “Dietary (poly)phenol intake derived from the daily consumption of five portions of fruits and vegetables could protect against the development of non-communicable diseases. However, the general population does not meet the recommended intake. Supplementation with (poly)phenol-rich ingredients, within a varied and balanced diet, could help in filling this nutritional gap.”


Fytexia Group focuses on the research and scientific validation of bioactive compounds to deliver functional ingredients for the improvement of human health and wellbeing, targeting non-communicable diseases. The Group is comprised of two businesses, Fytexia, a global expert in polyphenols, and B Natural, a European leader for the extraction and refinement of brown propolis.

Fytexia Group was acquired by ABF Ingredients earlier this year​.

Study details

The new study is the first double-blind, cross-over, randomized trial performed by Fytexia for its Oxxynea ingredient.

Scientists, led by Cindy Romain and Julien Cases, Innovation and Scientific Affairs, Fytexia, recruited 10 people and randomly assigned them to receive either 450 mg of Oxxynea or placebo. The Oxxynea dose corresponded with a five fruit and vegetables per day. Pharmacokinetics were measured for 24 hours, while urinary excretion profiles were measured for 48 hours. This was followed by a one-week ‘washout’ period before crossing over to the other group.

The pharmacokinetic data showed three distinct absorption phases with peaks after two, five, and ten hours. In total, 28 different plasma phenolic metabolites belonging to seven different classes were measured.

Urinary excretion profiles also showed three peaks, with maximums recorded at between 3 and 6 hour, 6 and 10 hours, and 14-24 hours post-supplementation.

“Unarguably, nutritional supplements cannot replace the consumption of fruits and vegetables, which must remain the first option because of their higher nutritional complexity, which includes fiber, vitamins and minerals, besides bioactive compounds,” ​wrote the scientists. “However, a formulated food supplement rich in (poly)phenol compounds could aid in filling this nutritional gap.

“In this context, supplementation, inserted in a varied and balanced diet, represents a possible solution to improve the daily consumption of dietary (poly)phenols to respond to consumer demand, enhancing the well-known benefits of regular and varied fruit and vegetable consumption.”

The scientists noted that future studies should focus on longer term supplementation with the product, and its effects on biological biomarkers,  its bioactivity and bioefficacy.

Source: Nutrients
2022, 14​(22), 4913; doi: 10.3390/nu14224913
“Exposure to (Poly)phenol Metabolites after a Fruit and Vegetable Supplement Intake: A Double-Blind, Cross-Over, Randomized Trial”
Authors: C. Romain et al.                                                                                                                

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