'Our technology is fully natural and the label on the consumer product will say ‘strawberry powder’,' says Danish company behind patent-pending solvent-free process.

Scandinavian solvent-free berry player boasts nutrient boost

By Lynda Searby

Danish biotech firm Asiros has launched a range of berry powders produced via a patent-pending solvent-free process that protects the nutrients and polyphenols, overcoming the shortcomings of ethanol and water extraction methods.

Image: © iStockPhoto / nipapornnan

OmniActive builds IP for CurcuWIN for brain health

By Stephen Daniells

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent to OmniActive for the composition and process of preparation of its CurcuWIN ingredient. The patent also covers the alleviation of the symptoms of depression in humans.

Photo: iStock

Study finds ferric pyrophosphate mix can increase iron bioavailability

By Adi Menayang

Designing a stable product with highly bioavailable iron isn’t an easy task, as the nutraceutical world knows. A group of scientists propose mixing ferric pyrophosphate powder with other ions that can influence the protolytic equilibrium to achieve this...

New citrus flavonoids debuted

New citrus flavonoids debuted

By Shane Starling

Illinois-based SourceOne Global Partners has launched new heart health citrus ingredients it says deliver water soluble benefits along with boosting the bioavailability of other heart health ingredients such as omega-3s, CoEnzymeQ10 and Tocotrienols.


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