OmniActive builds IP for CurcuWIN for brain health

By Stephen Daniells

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Image: © iStockPhoto / nipapornnan
Image: © iStockPhoto / nipapornnan

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The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent to OmniActive for the composition and process of preparation of its CurcuWIN ingredient. The patent also covers the alleviation of the symptoms of depression in humans.

US Patent #9259401 (Water soluble composition comprising curcumin having enhanced bioavailability and process thereo​f​) is the first patent for CurcuWIN and brain health, said Lynda Doyle, Vice President of Global Marketing, OmniActive Health Technologies. The patent has also been granted in Australia, China, Canada, Japan and soon in Korea, she added.

The patent covers three areas:
1. Composition: Water-soluble curcumin with enhanced bio-availability
2. Process of preparation: Dissolution in hydrophilic carrier and antioxidant
3. Method of use: Useful for the treatment of depression by alleviating the symptoms of depression in humans. 

“This patent details a landmark animal study showing CurcuWIN has implications for brain and mood health,” ​explained Doyle. “Specifically, this patent details CurcuWin’s method of use as a treatment of depression by alleviating the symptoms of depression. CurcuWIN significantly reduced immobility during the forced swim test – a standard test used to measure the effectiveness of antidepressant drugs - when compared to conventional curcumin powder.

“The patent also details that CurcuWIN enhances neurotransmitters levels of dopamine, norepinephrine and 5HTP (5-hydroxytryptamine) due to its ability to cross the blood brain barrier that most likely contributes to its antidepressant effect.”

The study confirms the diverse effects of curcuminoids and CurcuWIN specifically to support healthy brain function, she added. “Brain health/mood has primarily been a category focused on short-term ‘boosting’ formulas. But these products don’t address mental decline associated with conditions like depression and aging. With a growing population 65 years and older – estimated to be 50 million Americans by 2019 - there is a growing interest for products that help maintain cognitive function as we age and that’s where formulas like CurcuWIN show promise as part of a regimen to support brain health and healthy mood.”​   

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