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Gut health: A market on the rise

By Stephen Daniells

The global gut health is variously estimated at around €15-30 billion and predicted to grow by around 8% annually at least to the end of the decade, but what are the opportunities and hurdles for companies wanting to win in it?

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Akkermansia’s immune benefits linked to specific phospholipid

By Stephen Daniells

The potential immunomodulatory properties of Akkermansia muciniphila may be linked to a specific type of phosphatidylethanolamine, says a new paper in Nature that deepens our understanding of how this bacterium supports human health.

NutraWomen Wednesday: Rachel Fresco, CEO Bio-Botanical Research

NutraWomen Wednesday: Rachel Fresco, CEO Bio-Botanical Research

By Danielle Masterson

Rachel Fresco used her background in naturopathy, Traditional Chinese medicine and clinical nutrition to found Bio-Botanical Research. As a formulator, she also creates herbal remedies, including Biocidin, the company’s flagship product.

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Nexira boosts acacia capacity as demand for fiber grows

By Stephen Daniells

Leading acacia fiber producer Nexira has increased capacity at its plant in France by over 20% in response to rising demand for the ingredient that was recently granted dietary fiber status by the US FDA.


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