Skin health

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Study: Breast milk probiotic delays skin ageing

By Nikki Hancocks

A new double-blind, randomised, placebo controlled study found that eight-weeks supplementation with a probiotic newly isolated from human breast milk can delay several signs of skin ageing.

AnimalBiome debuts new products at SupplySide West

AnimalBiome debuts new products at SupplySide West

By Danielle Masterson

In recent years, the animal microbiome has become a growing area of research. Microbiomes strongly influence the health of domestic and non-domestic animals. The new advanced technologies offer a cost-effective option to investigate the microbiome's...

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Most glutathione brands bought on Amazon pass NOW’s tests

By Hank Schultz

NOW has released its latest round of testing of products sold on Amazon and found that the glutathione supplements it bought were of reasonable quality, though some failures in potency and purity were still observed.