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NutraCast: You gotta fight for your right to sell supps

NutraCast: You gotta fight for your right to sell supps

By Danielle Masterson

Several states and most recently the platform TikTok have placed tighter restrictions on dietary supplements, causing concern for many in the industry as well as supplement users. Adel Villalobos, founder and CEO of Lief Labs, says now is the time to...

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ASA gives Hangcure a headache over implied disease claims

By Nikki Hancocks

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has warned UK supplement brand Hangcure Ltd that it must not claim that its product can prevent, treat or cure disease through product name or advertising.

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Synbiotics may help regulate lipid metabolism: Study

By Olivia DeSmit

The use of a synbiotic supplement helped to modulate miRNA expression and therefore lipid metabolism, according to a recent study. This modulation was observed in participants suffering from dyslipidemia, a metabolic disorder with abnormal blood lipid...

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Probiotic may improve sleep: Study

By Olivia DeSmit

Consuming the probiotic Bifidobacterium adolescentis SBT2786 increased sleep duration and reduced fatigue, according to a study, which also reported associations with an improvement in sleepiness upon waking and feelings of being well-rested during the...

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Mushroom extract may improve immune function in older women: Study

By Olivia DeSmit

Ganoderma lucidum, more commonly known as reishi, may help to enhance immune response and contribute to regulatory mechanisms and an anti-inflammatory response. A recent study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, found the mushroom helped to...

Cranberry outperforms D-mannose in urinary tract health trial

Cranberry outperforms D-mannose in urinary tract health trial

By Asia Sherman

Both cranberry and D-mannose supplements claim to prevent the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections (UTI) from adhering to the bladder wall, but a new study published in The Journal of Dietary Supplements has found that one is more robust and consistent...

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Lion's mane spores 450% Google search growth

By Nikki Hancocks

Google searches for lion's mane surged by up to 450% (week on week) in May in the UK, with industry players assigning the rise in interest to TikTok influencers, health practitioners, and the blockbuster Amazon show Clarkson’s Farm.

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Review outlines astaxanthin's cognitive health benefits

By Matt Chittock

A new critical review highlights astaxanthin’s positive impacts on slowing neurodegeneration and boosting cognitive function, especially in terms of episodic memory, response time and working memory.

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