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Thorne’s new Fear of Aging survey indicates that Americans' aversion to appearing old is fueling the supplement industry's beauty-from-within segment.

The survey​, conducted with YouGov, found that one in three Americans feels anxious and scared about aging, with nearly one in two adults taking supplements to combat the inevitable. 

When it comes to attitudes toward aging, the report identified the main motivators behind what actions Americans are willing to take at every age and life stage. 

The survey included 537 youth aged between the ages of 13 and 17 and 2,408 adults from the United States.

Other than physical limitations, the top four worst effects of aging revealed in the report include: Americans’ value decreasing in society (17%), wrinkles/fine lines (17%), appearing less attractive (15%) to others and graying or thinning hair (15%). 

In order to slow down or combat aging, 65% of respondents said they are eating healthier and/or exercising and 45% said they are taking supplements. 

Multigenerational concerns 

Colin Watts, CEO of Thorne, said that one of the most notable takeaways from the report is that aging concerns are bleeding into younger generations, whereas in the past, concerns about aging were typically reserved for those that already experienced evidence of aging.

"Consumers across every age and life stage are now focusing on living healthier lives, eating differently, working out smartly, paying attention to sleep and mental health, listening to multiple sources of advice and increasingly seeking natural and nutrition-based alternatives" he said. "The common ground across generations is that when it comes to living healthier longer, the data shows that Americans are willing to take preventative and proactive measures earlier, indicating that there’s a ripe opportunity for the industry to provide more education around healthy aging—something that Thorne continues to be committed to."

In today’s world, many people are influenced by society and social media when it comes to staying healthy and fit. However, when it comes to aging, a different approach is being taken. The report noted that about one in five Americans seeks advice from their healthcare providers to slow down the aging process or maintain a youthful appearance. This reveals that consumers are recognizing the importance of seeking professional guidance to address the challenges of aging. Additionally, about 30% reported that they would take a supplement for healthy aging if a doctor recommended it. 

“This willingness brings an important need for education around nutritional supplement quality and efficacy, as well as where and how supplements are made,” Watts said. 

Supplement brands can lean into this by getting personal 

Watts told us that consumers are ready and willing to invest in their health and wellness but need more guidance on how and who to trust. 

"The industry has a responsibility to change the connotation around aging because consumers are bombarded by too many messages from a growing list of sources, many of which are misleading," he said. "There is a real opportunity for supplement brands to educate and empower consumers by providing personalized science-driven approaches to health and wellness. We’ve found that consumers crave personalization, transparency, and digestible resources that are backed by science."

Americans are taking beauty-from-within supplements, but Watts noted that specific ingredients vary from person to person. 

"When it comes to supplements, there’s no one size fits all," he said. "Thorne focuses on a personalized approach, and while we are acutely aware of products or ingredients that are trending on social media or from other sources, we know aging looks different for everyone.

"We really encourage consumers to educate themselves on their needs through trusted sources including their health care provider, before making any decisions on which supplements are appropriate for them."

The market 

Persistence Market Research pointed to biotin as the most popular ingredient across the globe, especially as it relates to hair health, improving overall quality, reducing hair loss and strengthening hair.

The fastest growing segment is the minerals segment, with zinc being especially important in this growth. Zinc plays a major role in skin health, healing wounds, and maintaining strong nails and hair. The demand for zinc-containing beauty supplements is high due to the ingredients effectiveness in treating skin issues and enhancing overall health.

In terms of functionality, anti-aging skin care holds the largest market share. This dominance is attributed to the prevalence of collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants (vitamins C and E) to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

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