ResBiotic expands portfolio with prebeet Energy+

By Stephen Daniells

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Image courtesy of ResBiotic
Image courtesy of ResBiotic

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Alabama-based ResBiotic Nutrition has launched its second product—a caffeine-free, 4-in-1 formula to support digestion, energy, skin and heart health.

The product, called prebeet Energy+, is formulated with Solnul’s prebiotic resistant potato starch, which has been shown to boost the production of Bifidobacterium and elevate levels of Akkermansia muciniphila​, an important bacterium for improving gut/barrier function and permeability of the gut lining, or leaky gut.

It also contains an infusion of whole beets to enhance circulation and support positive heart health, as well as a high dose of vitamin B12 for brain cell function and to facilitate cellular energy.

The product is available in a powdered format to mix with cold water, a smoothie or yogurt, the company said.

"The launch of prebeet Energy+ represents an important stride for ResBiotic as we continue to introduce individuals to a new, natural and comprehensive solution to approach total body health and resilience," explained C. Vivek Lal, MD, FAAP, founder & CEO of ResBiotic.


Dr Lal told NutraIngredients-USA that ResBiotic’s mission is “microbiome-based whole body Restoration through the gut-x axis - where x stands for any system such as lungs, heart, energy, skin, etc. The 'Res' in ResBiotic actually comes from Restoration.

“After targeting respiratory restoration through our gut-lung/gut-immune axis product resB, we came up with prebeet to ​target digestion, gut-heart, gut-energy and more,” he said.

The rationale behind entering the energy market, he said, is because the energy market is growing rapidly “but there was no clean energy drink based on strong foundations of microbiome restoration science.

“We formulated prebeet​ with evidence-based ingredients to tackle both these broad issues, after conducting several studies. In addition to selecting clinically validated ingredients such as Solnul, we conducted extensive experiments at Resbiotic to come up with the correct final formulation.


Published data shows that Solnul significantly increases the abundance of Bifidobacterium​ has efficacy for a relatively low dose of 3.5 grams​. The paper, published in Nutrients,​ also showed that the 3.5 gram dose significantly increased Akkermansia ​levels.

Another 2023 paper, this time in the Journal of Functional Foods​ (108, 105740, doi: 10.1016/j.jff.2023.105740​), showed that Solnul resistant starch may reduce levels of histamine, an inflammatory amino acid, and improve the integrity of the gut barrier. Metabolomic analysis showed that not only were histamine levels decreased, but there was also a reduction in certain histamine-secreting gut bacteria.

Each serving or prebeet Energy+ delivers the 3.5 gram dose of Solnul, along with 2 grams of the whole beet powder, and 1,000 micrograms of vitamin B12.

“Our proprietary prebeet ​formulation ​causes significant upregulation of beneficial bacteria and nitric oxide signaling in various preclinical models,” said Dr Lal. “Nitric oxide signaling is extremely important for circulatory and heart health. The high dose Vit B12 in its natural form (methylcobalamine) is critical in energy conversion and neurological health. prebeet​ provides a clean energy boost, without stimulants such as sugar and caffeine - all this while enriching major systems of the body.” 


ResBiotic’s first product to launch was resB Lung Support formulated with a blend of three probiotic strains (Lactiplantibacillus plantarum​ RSB11, Lactobacillus acidophilus​ RSB12, Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus​ RSB13) and three herbal extracts (turmeric, holy basil, and vasaka).

The product’s efficacy for lung health via the gut-lung axis is supported by data from a clinical trial conducted by Atlantia Clinical Trials Ltd. Data published in the Frontiers in Nutrition​ indicated that one month of supplementation with resB Lung Support lead to significant improvements in lung function for asthmatics, while serum levels of beneficial short chain fatty acid (SCFAs) increased.

“We strongly believe that all - prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics - have individual and possibly complementary roles in health,” Dr Lal told us. “Our vision is to offer consumers with all three solutions, but based on strong science-backed foundations. Hence after launching the first probiotic based precision product resB, we have now introduced a prebiotic based product line. We will be expanding our prebiotic, probiotic and upcoming postbiotic product lines, to create meaningful health impact. 

“From the mechanistic point of view, we are aiming for whole body wellness and restoration. Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteium​ and Akkermansia​ enrichment was at the crux of our restoration plan. Our probiotic resB contains three proprietary live Lactobacilli​ strain with respiratory, gut and immune benefits. Hence we chose a prebiotic which was specifically proven to enhance Bifidobacterium​ and Akkermansia​. Many of our customers are already on ResBiotic’s Gut-X restoration plan. This bundle includes our probiotic resB and prebiotic product prebeet ​to complete the daily microbiome boost, while enhancing the various gut-x axes.”

Dr Lal will present on the topic of the gut-lung axis at the upcoming Probiota​ in Milan, February 7-9. For more information, please click here​.

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