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How high quality fisetin can transform the anti-aging market

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High active fisetin is the next anti-aging superstar

As the popularity of fisetin grows, confusion around the ingredient still exists. Can a new gold standard of fisetin propel the ingredient forward?

Improve sleep quality with magnesium

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The benefits of magnesium for healthy, restful sleep

Sleep disorders present with difficulty in falling asleep and frequent awakenings. There are various remedies to improve sleep benefits, and among these is magnesium.

Hair loss treatment with saw palmetto by Vidya Herbs

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Efficacy of saw palmetto on hair loss

As the demand for safe and effective treatments increase, discover the potential of a saw palmetto-based formulation as a natural remedy for hair loss.

Yeast protein as a sustainable non-GMO protein source

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Driving change for a more sustainable future

As global warming continues to put pressure on industrial farming, consumers are incorporating more sustainable choices into their lifestyles. How can manufacturers support sustainable practices?

The Most Preferred Ashwagandha for Gummies

Paid for and content provided by KSM-66 Ashwagandha

The Most Preferred Ashwagandha for Gummies

Consumer tastes and demands in the food and supplement sectors are rapidly evolving. Rising health consciousness, coupled with concerns about processed foods and artificial additives, has bolstered the demand for nutraceutical products. Ashwagandha root...

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