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© Getty Images / oatawa

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From weight management to deep dives into sports nutrition, multivitamins, beauty-from-within, personalized nutrition, botanicals, omega-3s, probiotics, and more, Nutraingredients-USA’s 2018 editorial calendar of special editions spans the hottest trends in the industry.

January: Weight management

We’re kicking off the new year with a topic front and center in many consumers’ minds: Weight management.

With almost two thirds of Americans overweight or obese, weight management is still a huge market opportunity for the dietary supplements industry. However, adulteration and product integrity continue to blight the sector, with weight loss/management products under the FDA microscope. Claims are also closely monitored by the regulators. 

Despite this, consumers continue to explore the potential of dietary supplements to help with weight management, and numerous legitimate products offer potential efficacy with scientifically-supported ingredients.

In this special edition, NutraIngredients-USA will give you the skinny on the state of the market, the regulatory landscape, the key challenges to the sector, and examine which ingredients work and how.

* NutraIngredients-USA will also host its “Innovation Leaders” Webinar ​on January 30.

February: Innovation in dietary supplements

Image © iStock

From 3D printing to customization, personalization, novel delivery techniques, and new ingredients with compelling science, there is perhaps far more going on in the dietary supplements space than people realize.

And this is even before you get into the innovation happening in the supply chain space, from new analytical techniques to boost compliance and improve transparency.

In this special edition, we’ll bring you insights and inspiration from the bleeding edge of innovation in dietary supplements.

March: Botanicals

Echinacea © Getty Images jatrax
Image © Getty Images / jatrax

The botanicals sector is broad, with established herbs like echinacea, valerian, ginkgo, ginseng, and saw palmetto sitting next to high growth stars like turmeric/curcumin and ashwagandha.

The industry has responded to media and regulatory scrutiny, with a series of commendable initiatives to boost sourcing, testing, sustainability, transparency and communication of the benefits of herbals and botanicals, and the sector continues to enjoy strong growth.

In this special edition, we’ll explore the various issues and opportunities in the sector and how plants can promote wellness.

* NutraIngredients will also host its global Sports Nutrition Online Conference​ in March, with presentations and insights from experts in the US, Europe, and Asia.

April: Multivitamins

Supplements © Getty Images Lecic
Image © Getty Images / Lecic

Multivitamins remain a top seller in the bullish dietary supplements sector, with sales of almost $6 billion, according to the Nutrition Business Journal​.

While capsules and tablets remain a mainstay, the popularity of gummies and novel delivery formats like beadlets continue to add novelty to an established sector.

Formulations are also becoming increasingly complex, with ingredient decks also including a range of bioactives from herbs to polyphenols.

Brands are also exploring targeting different demographic groups, from kids and adolescents to hip young women, physically active men, and the elderly.

The science is also growing and positive results from high profile clinical trials like the Physician’s Health Study II are keeping the products in the headlines and front of mind for consumers.

* We will be following this special edition with the NutraIngredients-USA’s Innovation in Multivitamins Webinar ​on April 26, 2018.

May: Nootropics - from sports focus to video gamers

Video gamer © iStock FOTOKITA
Image © iStock

Nootropics – that catch-all terms for products that enhance cognitive performance and function – are emerging as a key driver of dietary supplements growth. Interest in the products is coming from a diverse range of consumers, from older people looking to keep their minds sharp, to players of team sports to video gamers and students studying for final exams.

So how are companies approaching this sector? Which are the stand-out brands, and what ingredients are powering their formulations? What does the science say? And how do you build a brand, substantiate the claims, and communicate these effectively with consumers without falling foul of the regulators?

For this special edition, NutraIngredients-USA has a long hard think about cognitive health…

* This special edition will be followed by the NutraIngredients-USA’s Active Nutrition Webinar ​on May 23, 2018

June: Omega-3s

Omega-3s © Getty Images redstallion
Image © Getty Images / redstallion

Despite concerns over stagnating or even declining sales, the fatty acids remain a star player in the nutritional ingredients segment.

The science continues to grow almost exponentially with omega-3s being linked to an ever-increasing number of health conditions.

In this special edition, NutraIngredients-USA dives deep into the omega-3 waters to explore the supply chain, quality standards, innovative new forms and products, the state of the science, and how the industry feels moving forward.

* Business and research experts will join us for an hour discussion of the sector at the annual NutraIngredients-USA Omega-3 Webinar​ on June 26, 2018.

July: Transparency in dietary supplements         

Transparency could be the solution to many of the industry’s woes, according to leading industry figures. Whether it relates to the supply chain, analytical testing, claims substantiation, label claims, or another issue, transparency can only be a good thing for the industry’s image and for building consumer trust.

In this special edition, we will talk to key industry stakeholders, including retailers, manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, analytical labs, and trade association leaders to give you all you need to know about this vital trend.

September: Beauty-from-within

Skin wrinkles nutricosmetics © iStock liza5450
Image © iStock

The science to substantiate products in the beauty from within or anti-aging category continues to develop, led by collagen, but seeing is believing and products need to deliver the visible benefits many consumers expect.

But what other ingredients are emerging and what does the cutting-edge science say about their actions? How do these bioactives work? What companies are driving the sector? How is it influencing product design and marketing? And can we really see a difference?

In this special edition we will pull back the skin on anti-aging.

* Don’t miss the NutraIngredients-USA Beauty-from-within webinar​ on Sept 20, 2018.

October: Personalized Nutrition

DNA Human Genome © iStock Natali_Mis
Image © iStock / Natali_Mis

The future is personal, but the revolution is already taking place around us. Innovative science is combining with entrepreneurial endeavor to bring personalized nutrition to our fingertips.

Personalized nutrition is breaking down the silos and bringing together experts in genetics and genomic profiling, microbiology, nutrition and diet, mobile technology, big data, healthcare and more.

In this special edition we’ll talk to the pioneers and world leading experts in this sector, the scientists and the emerging brands, and the tech developers bringing the personalized nutrition future to the present day.

This special edition will be followed by the NutraIngredients Healthy Aging​ Online Event.

November: Pre- & Probiotics

Probiotics © Getty Images ayo888
© Getty Images / ayo888

We’ll close out our calendar for 2018 will an exploration of the booming probiotic and prebiotic sectors: The gut microbiota continues to fascinate scientists in many realms - not surprising when it is considered humans are 10% human and 90% bacteria.

Pre- & probiotics play a key role in maintaining a healthy microbiota and influencing numerous health end points. From general gut health, to immune support, skin health, weight management, cholesterol control, infant health, cognitive function and mood, the research continues to build.

In this special edition NutraIngredients-USA looks at some of that science and how it translates into a commercial world where claim restrictions are tight but opportunities vast.



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