'Raw' idea forms basis of new superfood supplement

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'Raw' idea forms basis of new superfood supplement
An entrepreneur is taking a page from the food marketing realm with the launch of a supplement line called Rawtrition.

‘Raw’ as a trend may have peaked in the food realm.  Among the issues that seem to have stolen some wind from this sail has been a lack of agreement about what ‘raw’ really means.​ Heated to less than 113 degrees F?  Able to germinate if planted in the soil?

For New Jersey-based entrepreneur Kairi Jeffries, the ‘raw’ idea extends to having ingredients that are as close to their base materials as possible, and including ingredients that in their whole form.

Jeffries, who has been a competitive bowler and has worked as a model, said his idea for the Rawtrition line was born of his personal experience.

I have been obsessed with health since I was teenager.  When I finally made a decision to really get in shape in my mid 20s I tried everything on the supplement market that I thought could help me stay in shape.  I have used up to 10 to 15 different supplements in a day,” ​Jefferies told NutraIngredients-USA.

“I would say with a lot of them, you do notice a difference ​[in how you feel] but not that much of a difference,​ he said.

Jeffries said his idea was to bring all of what he found to be the best performing ingredients into one superfood type powdered supplement, called Rawtrition Bioenergy  The formula is based one whole spirulina and whole chlorella algae, beet root powder and astaxanthin. It also includes maca root powder, Tongkat Ali and whole cacao powder. Some of the ingredients are certified organic.

‘Healthy’ energy

Jeffries said he is trying to appeal to a demographic that has become addicted to caffeinated products, which he sees as just a way to paper over serious nutrient deficiencies caused by a poor diet.

I wanted to come up with something that provides energy, to compete with energy drinks like Red Bull.  I want to provide energy naturally, not with caffeine, which I think in the long run actually robs your body of energy,​ he said.

Jefferies said his spirit of innovation was born in working with his father on new ways to drill bowling balls for better performance in the release and on the lanes. What was first viewed with skepticism by other bowlers became among the industry’s standard practices, he said.

I was always looking to find things that worked rather than just accept what was out there.  There are a lot of supplements that are supposed to be amazing, but Ive found a lot of those things really dont work too well.​Jeffries said.

Our bodies are intelligent machines and they know how to take care of themselves.  Its by putting the body into a state where it is fed properly and then it will automatically create the proper enzymes and whatever else it needs.  So weve chosen ingredients that support kidney health, blood pressure health and adrenal health,​ he said.

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