Polyana and Marcela Tupinamba

Mother and daughter's dream teas pandemic success

By Liza Laws

This is a lockdown success story about a mother and daughter from Brazil who moved to Sussex and wanted to create functional teas that not only did what they said on the tin but tasted good too.

Getty Images / globalmoments

Paper highlights safety of some weight management ingredients

By Danielle Masterson

With weight loss supplements under attack in several states, researchers rebut with science. The authors of a new paper examine the safety of six ingredients, a move they hope will encourage since-based decisions.

NutraCast: Marquis on cracking the code in functional beverages

NutraCast: Marquis on cracking the code in functional beverages

By Danielle Masterson

The pandemic has had a draining effect on many of us, leading some to reach for a beverage that gives us a little pep in our step. In order to meet consumer demand, players are looking for new and innovative ways to stand out by offering unique and distinct...

©Getty Images - oatawa

Celsius posts more than 80% sales gain in third quarter

By Hank Schultz

Fast growing energy drink manufacturer Celsius reported a sales increase of more than 80% in its most recent quarterly earnings statement. The company anticipates even better results in the future when gyms and other exercise venues can reopen.

© Getty Images Extreme Media

How coffee can fuel your workout

By Danielle Masterson

Although coffee is drunk by 150 million Americans everyday, the idea of drinking a cup of joe to supplement a workout is still a young idea. But a small group of entrepreneurs, scientists, and sports performance specialists are hoping the niche category...

iStock / littlehenrabi

CRN updates guidelines on SARMs, caffeine

By Hank Schultz

The Council for Responsible Nutrition has updated two guidelines for members, bringing practices in line with the latest changes in federal regulations. One deals with SARMs, another with high potency forms of caffeine.

Inno-Bev gets US patent on botanical formula for alterness

News in Brief

Inno-Bev gets US patent on botanical formula for alterness

By Hank Schultz

Israeli company Inno-Bev Ltd., says it has received a US patent on a plant-based alterness formula called WakeUp, which is sold both as a liquid supplement shot and in a separately branded ready to drink beverage.


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