NATAC… The Olive & Grape Expert


Natac is an award-winning Spanish company that develops and manufactures value-addedMediterranean herbal extracts with a focus on olive tree and grapevine​-derived ingredients.

Regarding olive, Natac develops and produces extracts highly concentrated in oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, and triterpenic acids​ as well as other value-added ingredients such as AllOlive.

In relation to grapevine, Natac extracts and purifies grape pomace, skin, seed and lees as well as vine stems and leaves, among other, to offer high quality wine and vine-derived ingredients with high concentrations of polyphenols. ​In addition, Natac has also developed a Full Plant Profile grapevine extract: Natavid.

At our own manufacturing facilities we produce the most requested Mediterranean extracts ​as well as tailor-made formulations​ for clients looking to differentiate their products from the competition with unique ingredients.

In Madrid, our renowned R&D department is committed to constant innovation as evidenced by ourrevolutionary Full Plant Profile ingredients​: a new concept of extract developed by Natac that respects the original plant profile and dramatically improves effectiveness.

At Natac we supply scientifically documented ingredients and guarantee high production capacity​ and flexibility​. We adapt​ to help you grow your business.

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