All news articles for October 2018

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Supplement OWL Tier 2

CRN launches pilot program for Commercial Data Exchange (CDX)

By Stephen Daniells

As the Supplement OWL approaches 12,000 labels in its Tier 1 product label library, the Council for Responsible has announced a new pilot program to build out Tier 2, which will be known as the Commercial Data Exchange, or CDX.

Stepan adds to MCT/keto trend with new product launch

Stepan adds to MCT/keto trend with new product launch

By Hank Schultz

Despite the cooling fortunes of coconut as a healthful culinary oil, the prospects for its medium chain triglyceride derivative have never been brighter. Stepan has added to its MCT line, boosting a trend of product development in this area.

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From the Editor's Desk

Vitamin D & bone health: The flawed logic of RCTs for vitamins

By Stephen Daniells

It was supposed to be the final word on vitamin D for bone health, but a new meta-analysis does more to illustrate the flaws in applying a drug model to essential nutrients than it does to dismiss the potential bone health benefits of the sunshine vitamin.

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