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Innovate or die: Introducing Food Vision USA... from 3D printing to personalized nutrition

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Food Vision USA: From 3D printing & DNA diets to edible insects

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Imagine a place where you can meet the entrepreneurs behind new food & beverage categories and retail channels; pioneers in the field of nutrigenomics, edible insects, and 3D printing; food law attorneys; investment bankers; and number crunchers who can explain why you’re getting such a lousy return on your promotional bucks…. [Spoiler alert: It’s Food Vision USA].

Organized by the publishers of FoodNavigator-USA and NutraIngredients-USA, Food Vision USA​ ​is a unique networking opportunity for CEOs, marketers, brand managers, entrepreneurs, labeling and regulatory experts and product developers to find out how they can deliver the products - and experiences - that consumers are looking for.

Held at the Drake Hotel in Chicago on October 27-29,​ Food Vision USA​ will bring together senior figures in business strategy, R&D and marketing from Chobani CMO Peter McGuinness and Sparkling ICE boss Kevin Klock to rising stars such as Austin Allan (founder of ‘soup in a bottle’ brand Tio Gazpacho) and Daniel Imrie-Situnayake (co-founder of edible insect start-up Tiny Farms).

Building on the success of the Food Vision global event, held annually in Cannes, France since 2013, Food Vision USA​ will shine a spotlight on the companies – large and small – that are doing most to drive innovation and champion change. 

Themes that will be addressed from the conference floor include:


  • Door to Door Organics
    American eating habits
    ​ are changing. But are food retailers still stuck in the 20th​ century?
  • Will healthy vending​ become the norm?
  • What’s the size of the prize in the direct-to-consumer snacking​ subscription market?
  • How do Millennials​ buy food online?


  • Chobani Kids
    How do you maintain a challenger brand​ mentality as a mainstream player? (And are you no longer cool once you hit $1bn in sales?)
  • How do you build a completely new food category​ (on a shoestring)?
  • What can we learn from the tidal wave of consumer litigation​ engulfing the food industry?
  • Are ‘all-natural’​ claims still worth it?
  • Can you use your competitors’ consumers to fuel your innovation​?
  • Why is the return on trade spending​ so poor, and what can you do about it? 


  • DNA-source-istock-photo
    Is 3D printing​ a gimmick or something with real commercial potential for the food industry?
  • Are DNA diets​ ready for prime time?
  • Can edible insects​ live up to all the hype?
  • What will we eat on a mission to Mars​?

Personalization, nutrition, taste and excitement 

Len Monheit, General Manager of William Reed Business Media Inc (the publishing company behind FoodNavigator-USA and NutraIngredients-USA), said: “There’s a gap in the current food business cycle – and Food Vision USA will help fill it by addressing the forces shaping the nation’s food industry from within and without, from macro-economic shifts impacting global supply and demand, to rampant consumerism demanding personalization, nutrition, taste and excitement in equal measure. 

"We’ll look at strategies for innovation in the way products are created, marketed and sold, creating a showcase of game changers that are transforming categories, opening up new markets and finding new ways to compete.”

Senior editor Dr Stephen Daniells added: “We’ve selected speakers and contributors who can speak from experience about delivering innovation and transformational change within our industry.  At a time when science and technology are opening up new horizons, it’s time to challenge everything about the way we create food, market and sell it.”

To see the program so far, click HERE​. We'll update this as we add new speakers...

Confirmed speakers include:

Food Vision USA will be held annually in Chicago and will complement the Food Vision global event, held in Cannes. 

For full details, and to register, visit the Food Vision USA website​.

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