All news articles for August 2013

Solarvest's development lab on Canada's Prince Edward Island.

Algae producer Solarvest nears market with organic omega-3 oil

By Hank Schultz

Algae production involves fostering the growth of individual, single cells.  But these remarkably flexible organisms afford multiple paths of entry into the nutraceutical business.  For Canadian company Solarvest Bioenergy, Inc., the path to its organic...

The diversity and richness of bacteria in our gut may have a direct impact our risks of developing metabiolic conditions including heart disease and type 2 diabetes, according to the new MetaHIT data.

"An amazing result with possibly enormous implications for the treatment and even prevention of the greatest public health issue of our time"

Microbiome breakthrough: Gut flora implicated in metabolic disorders

By Nathan GRAY

There is a distinct link between the composition of our gut bacteria and incidence of obesity related conditions including heart disease and diabetes, according to new data from the MetaHIT project.

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