Soy-derived phosphatidic acid ‘best in class’ as PA source for sports nutrition


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Soy-derived phosphatidic acid ‘best in class’ as PA source for sports nutrition
A new series of studies support the bioavailability and safety of soy-derived PA, its ability to boost strength and power in highly trained athletes, and increase lean body mass.

Dr. Ralf Jäger, President of Increnovo LLC in Milwaukee and co-researcher on all of the studies, told us: "Phosphatidic acid is directly involved in how we build muscle in response to exercise and PA might just be the most powerful nutritional activator of muscle protein synthesis.

“A systematic screening of different sources of PA, e.g. soy or egg, other phospholipids and structural components of phospholipids has shown that soy-derived PA is the best in class.”

‘Groundbreaking ingredient’

The studies were all supported by Chemi Nutra using the company’s Mediator PA ingredient. Chemi Nutra’s Scott Hagerman welcomed the data.  

"We are extremely pleased that our Mediator PA showed such dramatic benefits for athletes,” ​he said. “We recently filed two patents on PA and its physiological benefits, and we are eager to begin the commercial launch of Mediator PA in the coming months.

“Chemi Nutra is committed to quality research and will continue to develop the scientific backing of this new groundbreaking ingredient."


The data was presented at the International Society of Sports Nutrition Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs, CO.

The bioavailability of the soy-derived PA was established in a case study which showed that 1.5 grams of the Mediator PA increased plasma concentrations of PA, with a peak at three hours after ingestion. Levels were maintained over seven hours, according to the data.

The safety was assessed in a study with 28 healthy, college-aged male subjects divided into two groups. The first group received 750 mg of the soy-derived PA and the second group received placebo for eight weeks. Results showed there were no differences at baseline in blood chemistry and hematology between the groups. In addition, there were no differences in urinalysis values between the groups.  

Dr Jäger added: “In a controlled study, 750mg of soy-derived PA over a period of 8 weeks resulted in significant increases in strength and power in highly trained athletes. PA was able to double the increases in lean body mass compared to resistance exercise training alone.

“Next to athletes, PA is of potential interest as a nutritional strategy to prevent sarcopenia, the age related loss of muscle mass and might reduce the loss of strength during immobilization, e.g. during a hospital stay."

Source: International Society of Sports Nutrition Annual Meeting
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