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New York bottled water company Adirondack Pure Springs is launching
an enhanced water variation of its energy drink range Pinnacle.

New York bottled water company Adirondack Pure Springs Mt. Water has added a new product to its Pinnacle WOW energy drink range.

Pinnacle WOW2O is an oxygenated bottled water infused with caffeine from natural sources, including Yerba Mate, Guarana, and Kola Nut.

Pinnacle WOW, which stands for 'Whacked Out Water', is a high-energy, sugar-free drink which is said to provide an energy rush without the calories, hypoglycemic crash or gastro-intestinal discomfort associated with other sugary, fizzy energy drinks.

The drink is currently available in 8-ounce PET bottles in Rockin' Raspberry and Sinfully Citrus flavors. It is expected to be introduced nationally in the coming weeks.

"WOW, as a product and marketing plan, was a phenomenal success at the various recent consumer/industry trade shows, including the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Weekend which was attended by more than 80,000 people last month,"​ said Adirondack president and CEO David Sackler.

"As a result of our experience with oxygenated waters, we felt it was a great way to expand and broaden the appeal of the Pinnacle WOW line."

"Pinnacle WOW2O" oxygenated water will be unsweetened or flavored and available in the same, distinctive 8-ounce PET bottle as 'Pinnacle WOW'.

Adirondack cites statistics showing that the enhanced water segment has grown 385 per cent over the past two years, and is expected to reach $10 billion in sales by 2007.

Sackler added: "We are not done yet. I look forward to the creation of more new, exciting Pinnacle WOW products."

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