Layn Natural Ingredients: Innovate With Our Botanical Extracts

Layn Natural Ingredients: Innovate With Our Botanical Extracts

Layn Natural Ingredients offers more than 25 years of market-leading experience in the vertically integrated production and innovation of premium quality plant-based sweeteners and functional botanical extracts.

As the largest manufacturer of high intensity natural sweeteners in the world, Layn also offers a full line of functional botanical ingredients and solutions to the world’s largest food, beverage, flavor, nutraceutical, personal care, animal feed, and pet food brands.

Our Nutraceutical business unit provides natural functional ingredients and solutions to fuel your brand’s innovation, including:

  • PlantæAntioxidantTM​: ​Clean label, natural ingredients for shelf life extension, flavor preservation, cell health promotion
  • PlantæPerformanceTM​:​ Natural plant-based solutions for sports nutrition and performance
  • PlantæSenseTM​:​ Natural flavor modulation to meet consumer demands for sugar and salt reduction, including sweeteners, bitterness masking, and increased salt, sour or umami flavors
  • PlantæNutraTM​:​ Functional botanical extracts for dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, health and personal care, including antioxidants, immune health, personal care, adaptogens, and sports nutrition.

Core to our mission are our sustainable farming practices, traceability, agricultural and extraction innovation, robust supply chain practices, and leading formulation support. 

Contact us today to explore how our natural ingredients can drive innovation for your brand.

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