Fermentalg is an expert in industrial biotechnology of microalgae. We offer concentrated natural products resulting from processes that are sustainable and that allow strict quality control and traceability.
From a sustainable source, we are one of the very few companies able to produce an oil with high levels of DHA (a minimum concentration of 550 mg/g DHA as Fatty Acid) without any chemical or mechanical concentration step. Indeed, by harvesting our strain of Schizochytrium sp. (which is a super-producer) only once in nature, using solvent-free extraction processes and a very gentle refining processes without complex chemistry, we obtain an oil naturally rich in DHA in its native TG (triglyceride) form.
Our DHA ORIGINS®​ range (Oils & powder), made in Europe, is perfectly suited for the development of your range of dietary supplements, beverages and health foods. Our products are certified Novel food in Europe and Food GRAS in USA.

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Fermentalg-Providing a better nutritional profile with new plant-based omega-3

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Providing a better nutritional profile with new plant-based omega-3

At the origin of plant life, microalgae are a well-established source of health ingredients, and notably long-chain omega-3s such as DHA. Although microalgae represent a rich, sustainable and renewable source of various healthy compounds, not all species...

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