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Patented Micro-encapsulated MCT for a better consumer experience

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Overweight and obesity continue to be major global health hazards: in fact, most chronic diseases in adults (e.g. diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease) are often related to obesity, the result of unhealthy lifestyle and poor dietary habits.
Among the many diets that have been discovered over the years to fight overweight and obesity, one seems to be very effective, i.e keto or ketogenic diet, a regimen that is becoming increasingly popular all over the world to promote rapid weight loss and instant energy.

Keto diet: a fast-growing global market

A ketogenic diet primarily consists of high-fat (55% to 60%), moderate-protein (30% to 35%), and very-low-carbohydrate (5% to 10%) intake: the reduction in the intake of carbs puts the body in a metabolic state which is called ketosis, in which the body uses fat and ketones rather than glucose (sugar) as its main fuel source.
A keto diet seems to have many benefits for weight management, health, and performance, and has proved to be especially useful for losing excess body fat without hunger and for improving type 2 diabetes.

The global keto diet market is tipped to grow from $10.3 billion in 2018 to reach $17.8 billion by 2026, with over 55% growth in less than a decade.
North America emerged as the largest keto diet consumer and is estimated to raise the demand for MCT – medium chain triglycerides – to over 155,000 tons by 2025. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market and is projected to account for over 20% of the total revenue by 2025.

Patented micro-encapsulated MCTs

MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides, a unique type of fatty acids found mainly in coconut oil. Chemically, MCTs have only 6 to 10 carbon atoms.

Triglycerides are three fatty acid groups bound to a glycerol backbone; they are the main constituents of body fat in humans and animals, and are natural fats found in food.

MCTs are best digested in our intestine, going directly from the gut to the liver to be used as an immediate energy source themselves or to be quickly converted into ketones, chemicals produced by our liver when breaking down fats.
Ketones are a fast and healthy energy source for the brain and muscles, levelling up energy without being stored as fat tissue in our body. Considering MCTs peculiar features, it becomes quite clear why they are ideal in ketogenic diets, weight management, sports nutrition, functional food, nutritional products, etc

Established 30 years ago in Taiwan, MCB has been providing customers worldwide with comprehensive and innovative solutions for the nutraceuticals, functional foods and conventional ones.

MCTsolutions is the line by MCB of coconut MCT oil and powders using the best quality of coconut oil manufactured in a palm-free and whole physical extraction production line.

MCTs by MCB provide a good source of C8 caprylic acid (ideal for fat burning and increasing energy levels and therefore popularly known as “the most ketogenic MCT”) and C10 capric acid (with a few unique benefits in addition to what already mentioned regarding metabolism, like antifungal properties and immunity booster).

Studies made to find a solution to the problem that normal MCT oil powders are destroyed in our stomach led the company to achieve international patent for micro-encapsulation technology with selective digestibility and phased antioxidant protection, in which oil powder is micro-encapsulated (instead of being coated) becoming more stable and granting great free-flowing and low surface oil for a better consumer experience; this technology grants lower oil leak-out and no caking during the production, resulting in a more efficient process and more steady product.

Although normal MCT oil powders are destroyed in our stomach, which easily leads to an upset belly and lower absorption rate of MCTs, MCB patented micro-encapsulated MCT oil powders can endure through the stomach and successfully deliver MCTs to the intestine.
And, their micro-encapsulation technology protects the active ingredients from oxidation caused by the external environment to ensure product quality and extend the shelf life.
Moreover, the company obtained USDA Organic Certification and is now presenting a series of USDA Organic MCT oil powders.

MCTsolutions has a comprehensive MCT product line that can fulfil 98.7% of the demands and the formulations to the market needs.
MCB micro-encapsulated MCTs - especially the clean label and vegan friendly products - are ideal in several keto applications; meal replacement; sport nutrition; coffee creamer; keto creamer; bakery; keto collagen; functional bars; food fortification; formula milk powders; medical meals; pet food.

MCTsolutions by MCB is distributed within the North American market by Faravelli, Inc, the US branch of Faravelli, an Italian company and global distributor of ingredients and raw materials, founded in 1926.