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Consumers want it their way. How to deliver functionality, convenience and personalization?

Convergence of functionality and convenience

Mintel stated in its 2020 Consumer Trends Report that, “Longevity and convenience will converge, with consumers looking for wellbeing across everything they do.” Consumers want supplements and functional ingredients delivered in flexible and convenient forms, particularly in foods and beverages that they already enjoy. Monteloeder develops quality ingredients that support wellness and healthy lifestyles, while ensuring that they are suited for a wide variety of applications, and allowing brands to deliver them in convenient forms that provide the flexibility consumers demand.

Beauty and longevity support in food and beverage applications

Ingestible beauty is experiencing tremendous growth. Innova Market Insights included ingestible beauty in its Top Ten Trends of 2020. Both Beauty-From-Within​ and Clean Beauty​ are experiencing significant growth, as consumers continue to recognize the significant roles that nutrition and natural ingredients can play within the body in supporting healthy aging, hair and skin health, weight management and lasting beauty. We are seeing a significant increase in demand in the food and beverage industry for natural ingredients supporting beauty and healthy aging.

This growing consumer awareness, along with the demand for convenient delivery, create tremendous opportunities for food and beverage brands. Ingredients like collagen, antioxidants and functional botanical ingredients are increasingly making way into everything from yogurt and ready-to-drinks to bars, chocolates and other snacks. The prospect of grab-and-go beauty support is extremely appealing, and fits into the lifestyles of active consumers of all ages.

The current environment has led more people to experience stress, anxiety and difficulty sleeping, which in turn also have detrimental effects on skin health and weight management.
There is a recognized global trend of consumers turning to more natural, plant-based products as well as taking proactive, holistic and conscious approaches towards health and wellness. However, although many herbs have been used effectively for thousands of years, this traditional evidence is not sufficient. There is high demand for natural and effective skin health ingredients that meet clean label requirements, and are also validated by science.

Zeropollution is a patented herbal combination providing proven beauty-from-within benefits. he ingredient is based on extracts of rosemary, olive, Lippia citriodora and Sophora japonica. The active constituents in these botanicals act synergistically and complementarily to both protect and repair the visible and less-noticeable skin damage caused by pollutants. It contains natural, non-GMO ingredients and clinical trials have demonstrated that the intake of this unique, herbal combination can significantly improve skin conditions: strengthens the skin barrier, improves skin moisturization, and provides anti-aging skin benefits – increasing the skin’s firmness, reducing the fine lines and improving the overall skin complexion.

Providing effective and natural support, Metabolaid is backed by clinical studies validating its efficacy in weight management and heart health. Metabolaid contains verbascoside from lemon verbena extract and anthocyanins from hibiscus extract. At a 500mg/day dosage, it has been proven to synergistically increase the activation of AMPK within the body, which leads to increased “fat-burning” activity and more energy. Metabolaid has also been shown to aid with satiety.

Nutroxsun is a clinically proven ingredient combination of rosemary and grapefruit extracts that acts within the body to provide increased protection against sun-induced damage to the skin and anti-aging and beauty benefits. Nutroxsun is ingested, and acts complimentarily with the use of topical products to provide more efficient protection.

Making beauty-from-within a convenient part of lifestyle

Monteloeder makes botanical extract ingredients designed to support healthy lifestyles and provide scientifically proven beauty-from-within benefits, while ensuring dosage consistency, and enabling versatility for many different applications and formats. Metabolaid, Nutroxsun and ZeroPollution are scientifically validated, and ideally suited for meeting consumer demands for convenience and preference in a wide variety of delivery formats, including:

  • Ready-to-Drinks
  • Dairy
  • Juices
  • Functional Teas
  • Snacks
  • Chocolates
  • Yogurts
  • Shots
  • Chewable Tablets
  • Gummies
  • Powders
  • Liquid Tonics
  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Soft Gels

Formulating with natural botanical ingredients can present unique challenges in food and beverage formulation. Monteloeder ingredients successfully overcome most of these common challenges, because they have been carefully developed to be:

  • Stable
  • Consistent in dosing
  • Efficacious low dosage
  • Heat tolerant
  • Water dispersible
  • Unadulterated

Extending Engagement and Motivation with Personalized Digital Solutions

In L.E.K. Consulting’s 2020 Health & Wellness survey, approximately 85% of respondents indicated an interest in a technology-enabled personalized nutrition solution. Now, more than ever, people are engaging with at-home fitness and wellness regimens through apps, connected equipment and other devices. They also want more personal connections, and are willing to commit to long-term partnerships with brands that provide ongoing care and sincere support through their personal health journey.

Monteloeder is an industry pioneer in bringing the “Digital Nutraceutical” concept and solutions to market. It delivers clinically-validated botanical ingredients, and connects them with digital tools specifically developed to enhance the consumer experience with more complete, digital health solutions, combining motivational techniques to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage consistent supplement adherence. It offers this solution to manufacturers and brands as a way to provide a personalized, up-close approach to meet consumer demands. Monteloeder offers these tools to enable not only supplement makers, but also food and beverage manufacturers to incorporate these attributes into product design, and provide tailored, personalized guidance along with ingredients that really work. In addition to the many benefits this offers to consumers, brands also gain important customer insights, and increased brand loyalty.

Many food and beverage brands are turning to proven functional botanicals along with digital tools to meet consumer demands for personalization and natural ingestible beauty ingredients in familiar and enjoyable formats. Providing personalization and ingredients that really work, helps create lasting customer relationships.

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