Nutrition plays a critical role in optimizing recovery after exercise, with products formulated to help refuel and rehydrate the body, boost muscle growth and repair, and support immune function, but how does this differ depending on the activity or exercise? Which ingredients and formulations are most effective and why? What do consumers look for in a recovery product and what type of delivery format do they prefer? We’ll get answers to these questions and more from our panel of experts from academia and industry.


Hillary Allen Hillary Allen
Professional Endurance Athlete

Abigail O’Connor Abigail O’Connor Director of Football Performance Nutrition
University of Michigan

Jeremy Appleton Jeremy Appleton Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs
PLT Health Solutions

Kris Gethin Kris Gethin CEO
Kaged Muscle Supplements

Richard Schell Richard Schell Nutritional Sales Manager North America
Rousselot – Peptan

Hank Schultz Hank Schultz Deputy Editor