FDA outlines health strategy for 2004

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Consumer and health and safety will be a key priority for the Food
and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2004, stressed the US government
body in a white paper released last week.

The paper​ highlights efforts to 'bolster consumer safety through major industry regulations', suggesting tighter rules could be on the way.

As industry starts to grapple with the new bioterrorism rules in place since early December, the FDA added that this year further moves will be made 'to combat new forms of terrorism and emerging diseases'.

While Europe discusses imminent rules on health claims on food products, striving to irradicate vague claims, the FDA white paper said efforts will be made for 'a crack down on false products and false claims'. Helping consumers ' to improve their health through better information and greater "health literacy."'

"These strategic initiatives were based on important feedback from the consumer and patient communities, and were developed and implemented in conjunction with a number of key healthcare partners, "​ said FDA commissioner Mark McClellan.

Citing a range of initiatives in 2003, the FDA head said that considerable progress towards 'key public health goals' had already been made. Notably, added McClellan, landmark regulations to prevent risks of ephedra. In December the Ephedra alert represented the first FDA enforcement action under the 1994 dietary supplement law.

In addition, he cited the 'comprehensive new proposed regulations for safe manufacturing and accurate labeling for entire dietary supplement industry'.

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