Energy drinks and shots

Getty | Luis Diaz Devesa

Maintaining health through food and drink is a growing trend. NutraIngredients speaks to entrepreneurs about why they chose to pass on pills.

Are pills becoming a thing of the past? Food and drink win over innovators

By Nikki Cutler

Entrepreneurs creating new ways to maintain health through nutrition argue that food and drink is the delivery format of the future.

Getty Images / cybrain

Celsius inks $6.9 million China distribution deal with Qifeng

By Hank Schultz

Florida-based energy drink player Celsius Holdings has announced a deal that will both expand the company’s footprint in mainland China, as well as enable it to recoup money it has invested thus far in entering the market.

Koios CEO: ‘Brain function is the world’s new currency’

Editor's Spotlight

Koios CEO: ‘Brain function is the world’s new currency’

By Adi Menayang

As industrialized nations continue to move away from manual labor toward tech- and creative-based economies, it is about time that nootropic products become more mainstream, says the CEO and founder of Koios.

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