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By Danielle Masterson

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This month’s launches are packed with branded ingredients aimed largely at brain health, along with energy for athletic performance and a couple metabolic support products for good measure.

Make time for wellness

Make Time Wellness recently debuted supplements tailored specifically for women, with a focus on brain health, body and beauty. The brand just released its first four products—two wellness drink powders, Make Time for Brain Health and Make Time for Prenatal Health; and two gummy vitamins, Make Time Women's Multi-Vitamin and Make Time Prenatal Vitamin.

Make Time for Brain Health is a brain, body and beauty drink powder that incorporates a women's multivitamin, biotin and folate and medium-chain triglycerides, curcumin, omegas, and L-carnitine to support brain health, cognition and focus. Make Time for Prenatal Health includes key ingredients for optimal pre-conception and pregnancy wellness, such as folate, biotin, vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin D, and zinc.

Radiant Mood for burnout

Radiant Mood is a new mood-supporting supplement made from standardized botanical extracts for both mood and sleep support.

The company's latest innovation in the organic supplement space expands its Pure Synergy line. The products' certified organic and wild-harvested botanicals include saffron, gardenia fruit, rose flower, lavender, lemon balm, and magnolia bark, which the company said can offer mood support and encourage more restful sleep.

All Pure Synergy products are created inside the company's certified organic, kosher, and NSF Certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility in Moab, Utah.

Nature's Way offers Brain Fuel

Nature's Way recently introduced Brain Fuel, a gummy supplement formulated to support short-term memory, focus, and concentration for adults.

The key ingredient in Brain Fuel is Cognigrape, a clinically studied red grape extract that can be used to support cognitive function. Additionally, Brain Fuel provides 100% of the recommended Daily Value of vitamins B6 and B12 per serving.

Brain Fuel is the company’s latest addition to the Nature's Way growing gummy portfolio.

NION supports intermittent fasters

NION Health, a division of Galahad Life Sciences, launched its electrolyte supplement, NION Electrolyte Drink Mix. The mix contains its patent-pending granule built on a crystalline matrix, which is aimed to deliver meaningful doses of negative ions to improve hydration, replenish lost minerals, increase stamina, detox, and amplify the regenerative effects of intermittent fasting.

The flavorless electrolyte drink mix is formulated to work at the cellular level to rebalance and recharge cell mitochondria, resulting in increased hydration and energy levels. It is designed to complement the regenerative effects of intermittent fasting and is beneficial for anyone with an active lifestyle looking to achieve maximum health and performance.

Through double blind clinical trials, consumption of NION for one week improved participants’ hydration, stamina, recovery and mitochondrial function, according to the company.

CULT Food Science unleashes pet performance supplement

CULT Food Science just unleashed Noochies! line of pet performance supplements, called Sprinkles. The supplements are made with functional ingredients and without fillers, coloring agents or artificial preservatives.

The brand is focusing on cultured ingredients to promote immune and digestive functions, as well as showing benefits to longevity in the lives of dogs and cats.

Noochies features Bmmune, the company’s trademarked protein blend of nutritional yeast to benefit digestion, immunity. It also contains Bflora, a trademarked probiotic blend designed specifically for cats and dogs.

The brand is launching with three product lines: Wellness, Joint Boost and Immunity supplements.

Wellness Sprinkles: Pets get an overall health boost with ingredients like Atlantic seaweed – which has essential vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants, omega fatty acids and prebiotic fiber – matched with the brand's cultured probiotic blend, Bflora.

Joint Boost Sprinkles: In order to benefit dogs' and cats' joints as well as keep ocean animals in the ocean, Noochies! fermented plant-based ingredients into glucosamine.

Immune Sprinkles: Noochies' Immune Sprinkles - one for dogs and one for cats – includes a gastrointestinal health trifecta. It contains a cultured, synbiotic blend of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics.

Pre-workout: POSSIBLE

Active Lifestyle brand POSSIBLE launched its latest product, POSSIBLE Strawberry Beet Pre-Workout.

The pre-workout represents an expansion of POSSIBLE's active lifestyle product line. The organic plant-based nutrition product is formulated to support energy levels, mental focus, and with two servings, support for endurance performance. The product is packaged in single serving stick packs for on-the-go use.

POSSIBLE Strawberry Beet Pre-Workout features its hero ingredient, beets, grown on the company's organic family-run farm. The beets combined with fermented beets, provide a natural source of nitrates.

In addition to the beets, POSSIBLE Strawberry Beet Pre-Workout contains caffeine, derived from green tea extract, to help with concentration during workouts. Camu Camu, another key ingredient, acts as a source of antioxidant vitamin C, providing support for the immune system. Quinoa sprouts are a source of B-vitamins that support energy metabolism. Additionally, the mushroom blend in the formulation features cordyceps and chaga.

Metavo for metabolism management

SP Nutraceuticals unveiled its latest product Metavo, a plant-based metabolism management supplement brand. Featuring the proprietary avocado compound AvoB, Metavo activates metabolism at the cellular level, enabling the body to metabolize fats, proteins and carbs to help improve insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance, and energy. Metavo has also been known to support metabolic health by helping with food cravings, and energy slumps.

Avocatin B, also known as AvoB, can support mitochondria health at the cellular level. By inhibiting fatty acid oxidation, AvoB supports proper metabolism of fats and carbs which improves insulin sensitivity and metabolic flexibility allowing the body to better utilize fuel sources.

Osmo Nutrition fuels endurance athletes

Power Fuel is a high-carb fuel mix for athletes who need fast, efficient carbohydrates during training and racing. With three ingredients, Power Fuel is neutral in flavor and can be consumed with water or mixed with the brand’s flagship products, Active Hydration or Rapid Recovery.

The carbohydrate used in Power Fuel, Cluster Dextrin, has high absorption to enable faster fueling for endurance athletes. Power Fuel is also available in a caffeinated version with 50mg of caffeine per serving.

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