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Ease of market entry poses risk for entire industry

By Hank Schultz

Does DHSEA contain within it the seeds of the industry’s downfall? The freewheeling marketplace this regulation created has placed the barriers to entry so low that less than reputable companies have room to maneuver, creating risk for the whole industry.

Probiotics continuously improving, while still showing aspects of variability

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Probiotics continuously improving, while still showing aspects of variability

By Hank Schultz

Are supplements getting better? It’s a bit of a tricky question when applied to probiotics, as the ingredients are relatively new to the market. There are many examples of quality improvements within this category, but it exhibits some features that are...

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From the Editor's Desk

No BBC, probiotics are not 'quite useless'

By Stephen Daniells

A new BBC article dismisses the benefits of probiotics because a study failed to find colonization. It is a serious mistake to confuse colonization with efficacy and we need to get this message across to consumers.

Judy Blatman with NutraIngredients-USA editor in chief Stephen Daniells, left, and deputy editor Hank Schultz.


MEET THE WINNERS: NutraChampion Judy Blatman

By Hank Schultz

NutraChampion winner Judy Blatman said she has seen a maturation of the dietary supplement industry in her time at the Council for Responsible Nutrition and sees great potential for the future.

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