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Aker's new ingredient is built on new research about how DHA crosses the blood brain barrier.  Aker BioMarine photo

Aker debuts new ingredient that breaks ground in brain, eye health

By Hank Schultz

Aker BioMarine has debuted a new ingredient developed from krill oil. The new product, which features EPA and DHA bound to a lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC) backbone, is based on cutting edge research and breaks ground in the area of brain and eye health,...

Probiota Champions: In conversation with Prof Glenn Gibson

Probiota Champions: In conversation with Prof Glenn Gibson

By Stephen Daniells

Purported prebiotics must show efficacy in in vivo studies to be worthy of the term, and that currently only applies to an exclusive list, says Prof Glenn Gibson, the scientist who co-coined the term in the mid-1990s.

©Getty Images - Pict Rider

Just drink when you’re thirsty? Think again

By Hank Schultz

A new paper suggests that measuring proper hydration in the body is far more complex than might be assumed. Multiple tests might need to be done to get an accurate measurement, the authors claimed.

TopGum production

Nutraceutical gummies producer expands into Europe

By Nikki Hancocks

Israel-based gummy supplement manufacturer TopGum Industries, Ltd., has secured investment from AP Partners Fund, Tel Aviv, to accelerate growth and expand production and marketing activities to Europe and North America in 2021.

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Investing in a Sustainable Supply Chain

Investing in a Sustainable Supply Chain

Becoming a global supply chain leader involves prioritizing key tenets, such as dedication to sustainability, the environment, farmers and the larger community....