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Industry insights from Nizo: From healthy ingredient to health-giving product

By Rianne Ruijschop, head of health, and Ann Stijnman, flavour and texture project manager, Nizo

We are regularly hearing about the health benefits of plants and their compounds but converting a promising ingredient into a health-giving product that can be successfully marketed is not a straightforward process. NIZO experts explain the challenges...

FREE Webinar: Postbiotics - New tools for microbiome modulation

FREE Webinar: Postbiotics - New tools for microbiome modulation

By Stephen Daniells

Postbiotics are establishing themselves as a strong weapon in the arsenal for modulating the microbiome. There is wholesale excitement about the science and potential health benefits for these preparations, and how these ingredients may offer more formulation...

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MegaFood debuts new label design

By Danielle Masterson

The supplement brand walked us through the makeover process guided by research, objectives and strategic decision-making.

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FDA’s takedown of NMN raises fairness, transparency concerns

By Hank Schultz

NMN, an anti-aging ingredient, has been disallowed by FDA because of its prior investigation as a drug. The determination, which came as something of a surprise given the ingredient’s market history, has raised questions of fairness and transparency.

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Charlotte’s Web announces partnership with MLB

By Hank Schultz

Charlotte’s Web has passed a significant milestone by becoming the first CBD brand to enter into a partnership with Major League Baseball. it’s the first such sponsorship agreement for any CBD with a major sports league.

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Dutch dietary enzyme brand launches in US on Amazon

By Hank Schultz

Intoleran, a Dutch dietary enzymes brand, has launched its line of finished dietary supplements into the US on Amazon, including a flagship formula that the company claims helps address an underlying issue for those suffering from gluten intolerance.

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