Levelle, ING2, and Bella Grace Global announced as 2023 Start-up Stars

By Stephen Daniells

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Levelle, ING2, and Bella Grace Global announced as 2023 Start-up Stars

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NutraIngredients-USA is pleased to announce Bella Grace Global, ING2, and Levelle as our 2023 Start-up Stars for our upcoming Sports & Active Nutrition Summit (February 15-17, 2023).

The pioneering trio will be joining us at the Sports & Active Nutrition Summit​ in San Diego to present their companies and network with the industry.

Bella Grace Global

“We are a Social Selling business model, using a new hybrid system of Influencer and Direct Selling,”​ explained the company.

Its first product, called Bella Grace Collagen Elixir​ combines Verisol collagen peptides, AstaReal astaxanthin and Cat's claw.

“The sports focus is dual: With our Influencers we are focused on Gamers and esports, as well as weekend warriors that desire to improve performance and recover faster,” ​they explained.

In addition to Verisol’s published benefits for bones and joints, AstaReal Astaxanthin is supported by clinical trials, with many in sports applications. There are also relevant data for esports and Gamers, with reported benefits on vision, mental performance/decision making, computer vision syndrome applications.

“Cat's claw remains the most potent botanical inhibitor of NF-kB, the master gene switch for inflammation. Together with Astaxanthin this combination limits gene expression that drives inflammation via oxidative stress, whilst activating genes involved in repair and recovery,” ​said the company.

“A superior, shareable product for matrix health, that supports a variety of sporting activities including aerobic, anaerobic and e-sports, with an aggressive, innovative business model centers this disruptive innovation."


Founded in 2018 by Shawn Wells, Ralf Jaeger, Martin Purpura, and Kylin Liao, Ingenious Ingredients (ING2) is an innovation company, developing disruptive new bioactive ingredients for the dietary supplement, food and beverage industry.

“We take new ingredients from idea to proof-of-principle to clinical validation, substantiating that our ingredients work, are safe and regulatory compliant,” ​they explained. “All of our ingredients are protected by numerous patents.

“Once ingredients are ready form commercialization, they will be made available through distribution partners, so we can focus on what we do best and love to do: innovation. We are addressing unmet consumer needs by developing cutting edge new ingredients for muscle, brain and gut health, optimizing human health and performance.

“We have launched the first two innovative ingredients, enfinity (paraxanthine) and RAMPS (dileucine) in 2022, with numerous ingredients currently in the development phase.”


Levelle is a sports nutrition company dedicated to creating all-natural food products that are rooted in science and speak to a woman’s unique physiology.

"Levelle is a sports nutrition company dedicated to creating all-natural food products that are rooted in science and speak to a woman’s unique physiology. We are making sports nutrition designed for women, by women,"​ explained the company. 

"To put it bluntly, the sports nutrition industry has failed women. Women make up over 40% of sports participants yet only 2.5% of sports nutrition products “target” them. Instead, products are designed based on men’s physiology and do not meet women’s unique physiologic and metabolic needs.     

"Levelle was started after hearing the undeniable theme of physical pain among female athletes. Levelle’s products are great-tasting, real food options safe for female athletes at any age and stage of their lifecycle. Levelle’s first products are our organic Energy Purées. We use low-glycemic, plant ingredients to deliver a sustained release of energy, without a side serving of agony. Our Energy Purées are shelf-stable, made without artificial ingredients, and avoid the FDA’s top 9 allergens. Our Energy Purées–which taste good and offer real-food nutritional benefits –can cross into the organic, health or snack markets.

"At Levelle’s core are the tenets of empowerment and collaboration. The company is focused on how the female body performs, not how it looks. Levelle empowers its customers to consider themselves athletes and respect their bodies. We fuel women to run the world." 


The Sports & Active Nutrition Summit, run in association with the Sports Nutrition Committee of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), will bridge the gaps between cutting-edge science, business strategy and key regulatory developments.

Over three days, the Summit will consist of a number of interactive presentations and discussions that will share new insights and innovation, boost business growth and highlight product opportunities. Key themes include a look at the state of the industry, personalization, Sports Nutrition for Mood and Mental Health, esports, CBD/Hemp, the challenging regulatory climate, and much more.

Register for the Sports & Active Nutrition Summit today!

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