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Mango leaf extract linked to sprint muscle performance

By Will Chu

Supplementation with the polyphenol mangiferin combined with luteolin could enhance sporting performance, with improvements seen in muscle performance during a series of sprint exercises, say researchers.

Getty Images / LuckyStep48

Five superstars for liver health

By Adi Menayang

The liver health category brought in around $31 million to dietary supplements sales across multiple sales channels, according to data from SPINS, a market research firm specializing in the natural products category. Which ingredients are taking the lead...

CRN welcomes 11 new member companies

News in Brief

CRN welcomes 11 new member companies

The trade group Council for Responsible Nutrition announced 11 new remembers. Among them are Irish ingredient company Kerry, owner of probiotics strain GanedenBC30, and vitamin K2 supplier Kappa Bioscience.

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