Wilson Lau and Danielle Masterson at SupplySide West.

Are gummies efficacious enough? Nuherbs gives us something to chew on

By Danielle Masterson

The gummy format continues to grow, with sales bringing in over $2.6 billion in the 52 weeks ending Sept 20th, according to data from SPINS. However, one of the challenges that comes with formulating gummies is fitting in an efficacious amount. However,...

Gadot overcomes key challenges in magnesium gummy production

Gadot overcomes key challenges in magnesium gummy production

By Olivia Brown

Gadot Biochemical Industries claims to have identified key solutions to the manufacturing challenges involved in the development of magnesium gummies, enabling for the optimisation of flavour, texture, bioavailability, and stability.

The emergence of the creatine gummy

The emergence of the creatine gummy

By Asia Sherman

Gummies are making an inroad as delivery format for creatine, one of the biggest performing subcategories in a booming performance nutrition market.

Vitafoods Insights - The Active Consumer

Vitafoods 2023 Highlights: The Active Consumer

By Olivia Haslam

Companies at Vitafoods 2023 saw active consumers as a key target demographic, with exhibitors presenting innovative concepts targeting a wide range of consumers leading active lifestyles.

© Juanmonino / Getty Images

Key lessons from the Opportunities in Delivery Formats webinar

By Stephen Daniells

Consumer interest in novel experiential delivery forms is driving a lot of growth for dietary supplements, but context is an important regulatory consideration, experts noted during a recent NutraIngredients-USA webinar.

Getty Images / Juanmonino

March Launch Pad: Gummy takeover

By Danielle Masterson

The gummy format dominated the month of March. Whether it’s mushroom blends, CBD or even fish oil, this month’s offerings provide a gummy for every needstate.

Opportunities with Delivery Formats: Free webinar!

Free Webinar: Opportunities with Delivery Formats

By Stephen Daniells

Gummies, stick packs, effervescent, oral melt strips, liquids… consumers are definitely looking for convenient and experiential dietary supplement formats. An upcoming webinar will provide brands with all they need to know about the different forms.

Image courtesy of Dole

Dole forays into dietary supplement space

By Danielle Masterson

Just ahead of Expo West, the CPG giant’s new line of vitamin chews hit the shelves. This spring, the company will also release probiotic fruit sodas.

Gatorade introduces new gummies, overshadowed by bottle

Gatorade introduces new gummies, overshadowed by bottle

By Danielle Masterson

As part of an effort to expand its ‘beyond-the-beverage’ Gx System product portfolio, Gatorade recently entered the dietary supplement space by unleashing two functional gummy products, an updated app, and a smart bottle that lights up and connects to...

©Getty Images - Juanmonino

CRN: Gummy article harps on problems, ignores benefits

By Hank Schultz

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted potential issues with the formulation and usage of gummy supplements with little attention given to the benefits of these products, the Council for Responsible Nutrition says.

Getty Images / Smartguy10

May Launch Pad: Women and gummies dominate lineup

By Danielle Masterson

May is women's health month and there was no shortage of new products geared toward females. Gummies were also prominent, plus a hint of nostalgia in the form of ooze.

TopGum production

Nutraceutical gummies producer expands into Europe

By Nikki Hancocks

Israel-based gummy supplement manufacturer TopGum Industries, Ltd., has secured investment from AP Partners Fund, Tel Aviv, to accelerate growth and expand production and marketing activities to Europe and North America in 2021.


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