NutraWomen Wednesday: Cattie Khoury, founder of Toodaloo,

NutraWomen Wednesday: Cattie Khoury, founder of Toodaloo,

By Danielle Masterson

Cattie Khoury said she created her trail mix brand Toodaloo after she felt inclined to help battle climate change. Today she is not only working on a healing path for the environment, but for people too.

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CRN survey: 80% of Americans are now using dietary supplements

By Stephen Daniells

Americans have turned to dietary supplements in record numbers over the past two years, with the numbers of users hitting new highs, and confidence in the effectiveness, safety and quality remaining impressively high, according to CRN’s 2021 Consumer...

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Most glutathione brands bought on Amazon pass NOW’s tests

By Hank Schultz

NOW has released its latest round of testing of products sold on Amazon and found that the glutathione supplements it bought were of reasonable quality, though some failures in potency and purity were still observed.