NutraCast Podcast: Nutraveris CEO Cédric Bourges on new US compliance platform

By Danielle Masterson

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NutraCast Podcast: Nutraveris CEO Cédric Bourges on new US compliance platform

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Nutraveris, a software firm that consults on regulatory affairs for nutrition and dietary supplement markets in Europe, has announced that they have launched an online platform for supplement compliance in the United States.

Cédric Bourges, the CEO of Nutraveris, joined the NutraCast to explain how the Nutraveris Online (NOL) Platform helps connect companies with regulations, compliance, science and other data on their ingredients. 

“Nutraveris is a leading regulatory consultancy in the nutrition and health area created 15 years ago and we offer solutions to the market to create and launch food supplements in the EU. To enable the that, the team is made of experts [such as] PhDs, engineers, law experts, all experienced executives coming from pharmaceutical, food supplements, agri-food companies and their mastery of values and complimentary know-how in formulation, manufacturing process, quality, clinical studies, regulatory affairs. We've been very successful since the creation of the consultancy at the market as you are aware, it's growing very fast, and since we were the only one offering such specialized regulation solutions for the food supplement area,”​ explained Bourges. 

Bourges explained that the company is busy enough with sourcing, collecting, classifying, and organizing all their data. On top of that, there are always new regulations coming in. To keep up with this overload of information, platform features NOL Data Solution, which enables customers to create new products and the second feature, NOL Compliance, provides insights for new product launches.

“We developed our first internal software to be able to store and classify data. This gave birth to NOL, standing for Nutraveris Online, the first database for internal purposes only, then we later offered the database to the market. As of today, Nutraveris is the leading European consultancy on regulatory and scientific affairs in the nutritional health area. And thanks to all the strong know-how and experience of experts, we created a launch to artificial intelligence solution in the market. The first one is called NOL Data Solution. This platform is to create new products thanks to regulatory, scientific and marketing data and the second platform is called a NOL Compliance, which is used to launch new products thanks to automated compliance analysis, leveling generation and monitoring and updating and in time. Last September as you are aware, we had been acquired by the group Foodchain ID the US. And since we anticipated this wedding, we were at the same time preparing a full comprehensive review of US regulations to come up with a very, very important new layer in our platform.”

NOL draws a weekly updated inventory of scientific and regulatory information on more than 3,000 ingredients, 40,000 finished products, and over 40,000 peer-reviewed publications with over 132 areas of application.

When sitting down with dietary supplement companies, Bourges said they come to him with a number of concerns.

“CBD is one of them for sure right now. I mean for the last six months, a classic question is okay, I want to use a claim for joint health or weight management or for stress, which is one of the biggest side effects of COVID, and the question is okay, I want to formulate a new product for that, what claim may I use? The tool in the platform, they will find a possible claim, what ingredients they may use, is the science there to back the efficacy of the claim? And what should be the dosage worldwide if they want to launch a product globally? So I would say the last six months the question was on immune system products, stress products, weight management and ways to formulate that to launch  globally.”

In addition to scientific evidence for efficacy and safety, and health claim analyses, the platform also provides information on laws, ingredient regulatory statuses, ideas on new ingredients/applications, and supplier efficacy proofs.

To hear more about how science plays a role in the platform and what countries Bourges will launch NOL in next, listen to the NutraCast. You can also subscribe on iTunes​, Spotify ​and Stitcher​. 

NutraCast is a podcast that focuses on insights from inside the nutrition industry. It is a production by NutraIngredients-USA. Music by Kevin Macleod.

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