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The rise of exogenous ketones for athletic recovery

By Stephen Daniells

Initially touted as acute performance aid, exogenous ketones and the supporting science are shifting towards opportunities for athletic recovery, a subject matter expert told NutraIngredients-USA.

Sports & Active Nutrition Summit 2024: Early bird discount expires today

Sports & Active Nutrition Summit 2024: Early bird discount expires today

By Stephen Daniells

With expert speakers confirmed from GNC Live Well, Wild.AI, TYM Performance, AHPA, SPINS, Thorne HealthTech, Move Nutriton Network, Lifenome, the University of Ghent, Dublin City University, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and more, the upcoming...

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Study: Elite soccer nutritionists highly recommend dietary supplements

By Olivia Haslam

A recent study has found that a high proportion of nutrition professionals working with elite soccer teams would recommend nutritional supplementation, highlighting the crucial role of nutritionists in enhancing player performance through well-informed...

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Study: Almonds support metabolic recovery, boosts beneficial fat

By Danielle Masterson

Almonds, the edible seeds of Prunus dulcis, are associated with a number of health benefits as they are packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. Now researchers are singing the praises of the polyphenols found in its skin.

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Taste of success: How to fuel recovery at the elite level

By Nikki Hancocks

Providing elite athletes with the nutrition 'edge' is not always about the counting of macros or the science behind ingredients, but it's sometimes as simple as making products and meals delicious, according to a leading health & performance...

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TB12 Acquires VitalFit

By Danielle Masterson

Performance lifestyle brand TB12 announced that it has acquired wellness company VitalFit Nutrition.


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