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New regulatory practices to dietary supplements in Canada endanger U.S. brand suppliers

By Aaron Skelton, President and Chief Executive Officer at Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA)

In an attempt to overhaul an already effective system, Health Canada's new regulatory measures for dietary supplements are inadvertently causing more harm than good – not only to Canadian consumers, retailers, and brands but also to U.S. suppliers.

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Guest Article

Ex-Health Canada NHP DG: ‘Cannabis is Canada’s New Wild West’

By Adam Gibson, President, True Moderation

When it comes to regulating CBD and cannabis, Canada is an extreme cautionary tale for the US, says Adam Gibson, the former Director General of Health Canada’s Non-prescription and Natural Health Products Directorate.

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Guest article

Health Canada’s proposal on cost recovery for Natural Health Products raises questions

By Katrina Coughlin, Laura E. Gomez, Jon-Paul Powers, PhD, Lewis Retik, & Lauren Richardson - Gowling WLG

On May 12, 2023, Health Canada published a proposal detailing cost recovery fees for natural health products (NHPs). While there is a lot of information to digest in Health Canada's proposal, the proposed fees detailed below raise questions regarding...

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News in Brief

Health Canada authorizes health claim for Chr. Hansen’s DDS-1

By Stephen Daniells

Probiotics player Chr. Hansen has received authorization from Health Canada for a functional claim that “DDS-1 helps improve abdominal pain severity and symptomology in Irritable Bowel Syndrome in adolescents and adults.”

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News in brief

Ahiflower oil gets Health Canada foods approval

By Hank Schultz

Nature’s Crops International, manufacturer of Ahiflower oil, an omega-3 rich plant oil, has announced its product has received Health Canada approval for use in foods.

Under the radar ingredient raises warning flags in Canada

Under the radar ingredient raises warning flags in Canada

By Hank Schultz

Products containing lithium orotate—a salt of a mineral that has been used to treat psychiatric disorders—have been the subject of two Health Canada warnings this year. Yet similar products are freely for sale south of the border, and don’t seem to be...

CRN to Health Canada: Don't try to fix NHP system if it ain't broke

CRN to Health Canada: Don't try to fix NHP system if it ain't broke

By Hank Schultz

The Council for Responsible Nutrition has submitted comments to a Health Canada that urges the agency not to scrap the existing product registration system but rather to further refine it if that is deemed necessary and to better educate the public about...

ISAPP: “The panel concluded that the general benefit of support­ing a healthy digestive tract was reinforced by evidence gathered on a large number of different probiotic strains representing commonly studied species.”

ISAPP consensus: Gut, yes. Immunity, no (for now)

Time to recognise ‘core benefits of certain probiotics’: ISAPP


The evidence has grown so strong for the best-documented probiotic strains that a generic digestive health claim should exist, according to a consensus statement from leading international researchers published this week in Nature Reviews: Gastroenterology...

An 8oz glass of Californian mandarin orange juice may contain up to 35 mg of p-synephrine (USDA). A sweet orange typically contains 6 mg p-synephrine.

Health Canada eases guidelines on p-synephrine from bitter orange

By Stephen Daniells

Guidelines for us of p-synephrine, the predominant alkaloid in bitter orange, has been redefined by Health Canada, with 1 to 50 mg per day of the compound now classified as not ‘likely to cause any adverse health consequences’.

Health Canada:

Health Canada: DMAA is not from geranium

By Stephen Daniells

DMAA, a substance used in sports and weight loss supplements and reported by some to be a natural constituent of geranium oil, is not isolated from plants and products containing it need drug authorization, Health Canada has announced.

Oats can reduce cholesterol says Health Canada, but supporting data has been called for

Health Canada criticized over health claim data

By Shane Starling

A former Health Canada official has criticized the agency for failing to publish health claim-backing data, after recently approving an oat fiber-cholesterol health claim.


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