Will you be in Geneva for Vitafoods Europe 2016 this week?

Vitafoods Europe: Geneva pulls nutrition levers


The NutraIngredients team will be at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva this week scouring the showfloor and conference halls for hot stories, engaging the industry and scrutinising the latest nutrition innovations.

High-protein yoghurts have risen in popularity, including non-fortified Greek yoghurts which have a natural fit to the high-protein halo.

Special edition: Protein

Mainstream keen on protein foods (but supplements still rule)


Protein has been hot for some years and shows no sign of abating in the near future as diet trends flip in protein’s favour from largely discredited low-fat to lower-carb/higher-protein regimes and a broader health halo around various protein forms.

Coke backs SATIN satiety project to battle obesity

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2012

Coca-Cola bites into EU-backed obesity project

By Shane Starling from Geneva

What is the world's biggest carbonated beverage company doing in a European Union satiety research project? Why, collaborating to battle obesity of course…

IPA co-founder: EU probiotic approach is “dirty pool”

Disptaches from Microbiota 2011

IPA co-founder: EU probiotic approach is “dirty pool”

By Shane Starling

Jarrow Rogovin, never a man to mince his words, says it is high time the IPA and other trade groups stepped up to the plate to defend a sector that has been under regulatory siege on both sides of the Atlantic for several years.

How the EU health claims process could impact US

How the EU health claims process could impact US

How will the new health claims system in Europe impact the state of play in the North American market? Lorraine Heller speaks to a leading international ingredients supplier about the potential marketing and regulatory implications.

Danisco breaks down probiotics market

Danisco breaks down probiotics market

By Lorraine Heller

North America and Eastern Europe are the two fastest growing markets for probiotic products, recording more than triple the growth rates seen in the most mature markets for the healthy bacteria, according to Danisco.

HIE round-up: quality, not quantity

Dispatches from Health Ingredients Europe

HIE round-up: quality, not quantity

As the stands came down on day three in Paris, canvassed industry opinion about Europe's marquee healthy nutrients event, Health Ingredients Europe. Had it been affected by the financial crisis and impact of new EU regulations?


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