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USANA’s share price takes beating on weak earnings report

By Hank Schultz

Inflation and continued COVID related problems in Asia hit network marketing company Usana’s earnings hard. Traders responded by pummeling the company’s stock, which at one point on Tuesday had fallen by more than 17%.

NutraCast: Sustainability not a top concern for tea industry

NutraCast: Sustainability not a top concern for tea industry

By Danielle Masterson

A new report from Firsd Tea, the largest importer of Chinese tea in the US, found that most professionals in tea and related industries under-prioritize sustainability when stocking tea inventory—even with 80% of this group worried about the effects of...

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Vetting suppliers becomes ever more crucial as US-China tensions rise

By Hank Schultz

Heightened US-China tensions have caused planners in all industrial sectors to reevaluate their sourcing arrangements. Stakeholders in the dietary supplement industry say having firm relationships with well-vetted suppliers is the best way to manage...

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Horphag confirms inventory availability despite French forest fires

By Stephen Daniells

Forest fires sweeping the southwest of France are destroying vast acreage of Maritime Pine, the source of Horphag’s famous Pycnogenol pine bark extract. The company’s CEO tells us that raw material supply or production quality will not be impacted.

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Botanical yields fall as climate change affects harvests

By Stephen Daniells

Extreme weather events from heat waves and droughts to ‘hundred-year storms’ happening every two years, the impact of climate change is obvious. And few industries are witnessing the impact as much as botanical supply chain.

Image courtesy of Helaina

Helaina on track to deliver breast milk-equivalent baby formula

By Danielle Masterson

The New York City-based company was founded in 2019 by food scientist Laura Katz who aspired to advance nutrition by recreating the functional components of breast milk. The lab produces microbes, ferments, and runs immunity testing.

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