NutraCast: Compliance amid a pandemic with CRO NutraSource

NutraCast: Compliance amid a pandemic with CRO NutraSource

By Danielle Masterson

Nutrasource, a Canada-based contract research organization, quickly adapted to the pandemic by implementing regulations and best practices to continue running human trials. The company’s president and CEO, Will Rowe, and Josh Baisley, VP of clinical...

Creatine supplementation is most often associated with strength/short burst activities, but can be useful in other applications, too.  A recent paper tackles some of the many misconceptions about this ingredient. ©Getty Images - Kittiya

Roundup by experts puts to rest common creatine misconceptions

By Hank Schultz

A new paper authored by experts in creatine supplementation seeks to dispel some long standing misconceptions about this legacy sports nutrition ingredient. Among the concerns addressed are water retention, kidney damage, baldness and others.

©Getty Images - Zffoto

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Genome skimming approach shows promise in paper comparing DNA techniques

By Hank Schultz

FDA scientists have advanced the state of the art in the use of DNA identification techniques in a paper focusing on the verification of echinacea supplements. A gene skimming approach tested in the study showed promise over the up-to-now benchmark DNA...

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