Clasado and Probi synbiotic increases lactate and SCFA production: Study

By Olivia Haslam

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Clasado and Probi delve deeper into synbiotic partnership with new research © sitox / GettyImages
Clasado and Probi delve deeper into synbiotic partnership with new research © sitox / GettyImages

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Clasado and Probi's new synbiotic concept increases production of lactate and short-chain fatty acids to provide superior benefits when combined, according to new research.

The ex-vivo​ study published in the International Journal of Nutritional Sciences​ examined the synbiotic effect of Clasado’s prebiotic Bimuno GOS (galactooligosaccharides) and Probi’s Defendum probiotic strain in stool samples from healthy participants.

Results demonstrated synergistic effects, with probiotic strains in Probi Defendum selectively utilizing prebiotic GOS to enhance short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) production. The study conducted by manufacturers Probi and Clasado also showed the ingredients acted as complementary synbiotics, promoting their health benefits without interaction. 

“This study is one of few scientific studies clearly showing that the combination of probiotics and prebiotics can have a greater benefit than either ingredient alone,” said Anita Johansen, CEO of Probi.

The collaboration between Probi and Clasado was announced last year​ to leverage the portfolios of the two businesses in their respective fields for the development of synbiotics.

“Propelled by consumer demand for better gut microbiome health, the market for synbiotics is expanding at speed,” Johansen added. “There is a rising interest and awareness in health and nutrition, and consumers seek ways to improve their digestive, immune and overall health. Following probiotic supplements, synbiotic supplements—comprised of 2,900 products on the market today—remain the most developed category.”

Synergistic and complimentary synbiotics

Prebiotics, such as GOS, stimulate beneficial bacteria like bifidobacteria, producing SCFAs and supporting gut health and immunity. Bimuno has been found to reduce gastrointestinal symptoms​ and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Probiotics, like Lactiplantibacillus plantarum​ HEAL9 and Lacticaseibacillus paracasei​ 8700:2 found in Probi Defendum, modify the gut microbiome by improving intestinal barrier function and have immune-modulating effects​.

A synergistic synbiotic aims to provide a prebiotic which selectively nourishes the probiotic and results in a stronger health benefit in the host than what can be seen by one of the ingredients alone.

A complimentary synbiotic on the other hand is a synbiotic composed of a probiotic combined with a prebiotic, which is designed to target autochthonous microorganisms, meaning the prebiotic and probiotic work side by side, each of them delivering their proposed health benefit to the host.

Probi Defendum and Bimuno GOS

Ex vivo​ colon simulations using stool samples collected from five healthy adult donors were utilized to evaluate changes in gut microbial activity and composition following supplementation with the aforementioned formulations.

Change in pH, gas pressure, SCFAs, branched SCFA, lactate and ammonium were measured at baseline, 6 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours.

Results showed that GOS supplementation, alone or combined with either probiotic, increased gas pressure, acetate production, propionate production, butyrate production and lactate production. In addition, biomass was increased, and the microbial community composition shifted, most notably demonstrated by an increase in bifidobacteria.  

The authors noted that "in contrast with Probi Digestis, Probi Defendum was able to utilize Bimuno GOS for growth, highlighting the substrate specificity."

Probi Defendum and GOS resulted in an increased lactogenic effect and a donor-dependent increase in butyrate production relative to GOS alone, revealing a synergistic effect in ex vivo short-term colonic simulations.

“Overall, the known prebiotic effects of GOS, including the stimulation of increased SCFA and lactate production, reduction of proteolytic fermentation and enrichment of beneficial bifidobacteria were confirmed in this short-term colonic simulation study,” the authors concluded.  

“Additionally, synbiotic effects, most notably an increased lactogenic effect, were identified for the combination of Probi Defendum and GOS.” 

The effect was most pronounced in donors characterized by an inability to produce lactate, the authors observed, which they hypothesized is likely because the role was taken up by L. paracasei ​8700:2 in the synbiotic formulation.

The rise of synbiotics ​ 

Over the past decade, the biotics market has seen a shift from predominantly probiotics to the inclusion of pre and postbiotics, Ewa Hudson, director of insights at Lumina Intelligence, recently told NutraIngredients​. 

Synbiotics are responsible for 38% of biotic SKUs in Europe yet represent 43% of consumer engagement through reviews, she said.

Pre and probiotic combinations are garnering attention for their ability to improve the probiotic survival rate and viability in the gastrointestinal tract, Hudson explained, noting that the introduction of postbiotics and their ability to contribute beneficial metabolites from dead probiotics is "revolutionizing the biotic space".

According to Lumina Intelligence data, synbiotic supplements overtook (pure) probiotic supplements in online engagement in the first half of 2023, and the global synbiotic products market is predicted to continuously grow with a CAGR of 7.5% between 2023 and 2030.

Sourcel: International Journal of Nutritional Sciences
Int J Nutr Sci. 2024; 9(1): 1082.
“A Novel Synbiotic Blend of Galactooligosaccharide (GOS) and a Two-Strain Probiotic Acts Synergistically to Increase Lactate and Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production in a Short-Term Ex Vivo Colon Fermentation Model”
Authors: Ghyselinck, J. et al.

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