BLIS K12 is part of a portfolio of clinically documented bacterial strains for supporting our natural immune defense and preventing infections of the mouth and throat.   Image © Jan-Otto / Getty Images

News in brief

Probi announced 1st production batches of dairy-free BLIS K12

By Stephen Daniells

Probiotic player Probi has completed the first commercial production batches of a dairy-free BLIS K12 at its US manufacturing site, with the new BLIS strains available shortly to customers around the world.

Probi's latest Indian deal will see probiotic capsules launched in the last quarter of the year

Indian market shows Eastern promise for probiotics

By Lynda Searby

Indians are dosing up on probiotics to counter gastrointestinal health problems, reports Swedish biotech company Probi, as it announces a deal that will see its Probi Digestis probiotic formulation dispensed to millions of Indian consumers.


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