Q&A: TruHeight talks supplements for height growth

By Asia Sherman

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© tatyana_tomsickova / Getty Images

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California-based entrepreneurs Eden Stelmach and Justin Rapoport launched TruHeight to help children reach new heights by providing them with the nutrients they need to stretch their stature.

According to the World Health Organization, some 148 million children under the age of five are currently suffering from stunted growth due to malnutrition. Height is mostly determined by genetics, but environmental influences like nutrition and exercise also contribute to outcomes.

TruHeight introduced its growth capsules in 2019, formulated with vitamin D, vitamin K, calcium and a proprietary blend of ashwagandha, spirulina powder, L-arginine, L-glutamine and astragalus root. Protein powders and sleep gummies followed to complete a Max Height Kit bundle that targets five factors: nutrition, hormones, sleep, stress and immunity.

In support of its own growth potential in this niche category, the startup points to hundreds of testimonials from children and parents attesting to the efficacy of the products and the benefits of added inches.  

NIU: What should consumers know about nutrition and healthy growth in terms of optimizing height? 

JR: The first thing they should know is that 40% of height growth is attributed to nutrition. Most people think height is only genetic, but they can actually influence their height growth with the proper nutrition. 

Furthermore, there are five factors that your nutrition must address in order to achieve healthy height growth. Those five factors include nutrition, hormones, sleep, stress and immunity. That’s why TruHeight teamed up with some highly trained nutritionist and medical experts to create a solution that addresses all of these factors. Our company packaged our solution into three core products within our Max Height Kit – providing children with a 100% all natural and effective mix of vitamins, minerals and protein that all work synergistically to support effective height growth.   

NIU: What science backs your products and what does it say?

JR: After a six-month clinical pilot trial​, children taking TruHeight daily were reported by the evaluating clinicians to have statistically significant increase in height compared to those in the control group: 86.66% saw an increase in height growth with 32.63% more growth in the treatment group than control group, as well as a 43.91% increase in concentrations of collagen X, a key factor in height growth.

TruHeight co-founders Eden Stelmach and Justin Rapoport
TruHeight co-founders Eden Stelmach and Justin Rapoport © TruHeight

NIU: How has the brand/product offering evolved and how is it performing since launch? 

ES: Since our initial launch, the TruHeight brand and product offerings have evolved significantly. We began with the introduction of our TruHeight Growth Capsules, which provided an effective solution for supporting children's growth naturally. However, we didn't stop there. We actively listened to our customers and responded to their preferences and needs.

One significant evolution has been the introduction of our TruHeight Growth Gummies, available in delicious watermelon flavor, along with our chocolate and vanilla protein shakes that have all the micro and macro nutrients needed for growth. These additions not only provided more convenient and enjoyable options for our customers but also opened up new avenues for reaching a broader audience.

Our consumer base primarily consists of children and teenagers, ranging in age from 5 to 18 years old. We understand that the growth journey is a critical phase during childhood and adolescence, and our products are tailored to meet the nutritional needs of this age group.

Within our consumer segment, we have observed a greater appeal among parents and caregivers who prioritize natural and holistic approaches to support their children's growth. Additionally, our products have resonated with families who value the importance of proper nutrition, sleep and overall well-being in their children's development. 

NIU:  Are there other players in the height growth category?

JR: There are a limited number of players in the height growth category. Furthermore, where our brand stands out from other brands is the fact that it is all natural and very low on sugar. Our products have hundreds of outstanding testimonials from customers showing how they achieved successful height growth within several months of taking our product.

NIU: Does TruHeight only provide results in children and teens?

ES: TruHeight’s height growth products focus on ages 5 to 24. We also recently launched a toddler brand that provides brain health support and bone growth support for kids ages 2+ years old.

NIU: How have you approached marketing for these products?  

TruHeight products
© Image courtesy of TruHeight

ES: Our approach to marketing TruHeight products has been multi-faceted and adaptable to reach our diverse audience effectively. We prioritize authenticity by utilizing real customers who have experienced growth with TruHeight to represent our brand. Their first-hand success stories have proven to be a significant asset in building trust and credibility around our products.

Additionally, online marketplaces like Amazon have provided a platform for us to reach a broader customer base and tap into the convenience of online shopping. These platforms have allowed us to expand our reach and make our products accessible to a wider audience.

While our primary sales channel is direct-to-consumer (DTC) through our website, we have also strategically explored brick-and-mortar placements in select locations. These placements align with our mission to provide families with convenient access to our products. However, our DTC approach remains a cornerstone of our business, enabling us to maintain a direct connection with our customers and offer personalized guidance and support.

NIU: Do you work directly with pediatricians in the health practitioners’ channel?

JR: Yes. We work directly with pediatricians, and we are working to continue to grow our network of healthcare professionals in this space. In fact, Dr. Michael Milobsky, a leading pediatrician who was named Top Doc by 5280 Magazine in 2010 and 2013, is a major supporter of our brand. He says that there are major trends that he sees face-to-face in his clinic that families and their kids need to be aware of when it comes to healthy nutritional based growth. He believes in a natural, holistic approach to vitamins and supplements that use little to no sugar.

NIU:  What is next for TruHeight? New products, placements or partnerships?  

JR: What’s next for us is that we recently launched a toddler product line that provides brain health and bone growth support for kids ages 2+ years old. We also want to continue to build partnerships with pediatricians, moms, dads, families and teens across the U.S.

NIU: Could you share a bit about your anti-bullying initiative?

ES: We understand that many times kids can be teased or bullied when they have stunted growth. As such, we are working to reduce the amount of bullying in the world by providing resources to those interested in curbing bullying and offer support to those who are bullied. Through our 1-for-1 grant to stopbullying.gov, purchases on truheightvitamins.com provides essential vitamins to a child in need.

NIU:  What advice would you offer other startups in the industry?

JR: When it comes to entrepreneurship you cannot be afraid of trying or failing. As Phil Knight would say “Just Do It”. 

Also, forming good habits like committing to consistent learning to be able to nimbly adapt to new challenges and opportunities; prioritizing tasks and managing time efficiently, cultivating flexibility to embrace change; and creating a consistent routine that incorporates your desired habits.

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