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EverGrain creates sports nutrition offerings with beer leftovers

EverGrain creates sports nutrition offerings with beer leftovers

By Danielle Masterson

AB InBev’s sustainable ingredient business, EverGrain, said it’s poised to disrupt the performance beverage category this year with the launch of two products that use EverPro, a barley protein made from upcycled brewer’s spent grain.

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Guest Article

Industry insights from Nizo: From healthy ingredient to health-giving product

By Rianne Ruijschop, head of health, and Ann Stijnman, flavour and texture project manager, Nizo

We are regularly hearing about the health benefits of plants and their compounds but converting a promising ingredient into a health-giving product that can be successfully marketed is not a straightforward process. NIZO experts explain the challenges...

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New duckweed protein firm signs development deal

By Hank Schultz

Canadian company Pontus Protein has announced milestones on its path to commercialize a water lentil-derived ingredient as well as the ‘vertical aquaponics’ platform in which it will be grown.


New guide offers transparency on plant-based sports nutrition

By Nicola Gordon-Seymour

Increasing popularity of plant-based sports nutrition has compelled sports nutritionist, TJ Waterfall, to compile a new guide designed to educate consumers and promote the industry’s commitment to vegan and vegetarian nutrition.

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Pyatt returns with plant based line planned to launch with GNC

By Hank Schultz

Sports nutrition veteran Brad Pyatt is launching a new company focused on plant-based nutrition. The first brick and mortar retail partner will be GNC, which itself is emerging from a bankruptcy sale to Chinese company Harbin.

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Plant-based diet helps mice ward off GI infection: Study

By Danielle Masterson

An increasing number of health-conscious consumers are embracing the plant-based lifestyle. While few are willing to commit to full-on veganism, according to Nielsen, about 40% of American and Canadian consumers are trying to eat more plant-based foods.


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