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For Wild.AI users, female is the default gender

For Wild.AI users, female is the default gender

By Danielle Masterson

Hélène Guillaume launched Wild.AI in 2017 to track the various life stages and fitness levels women experience. The company applies the science of female physiology to active women to help them train, recover and supplement based on their cycle.

NutraCast: Nutritional Concerns of the Female Athlete

NutraCast: Nutritional Concerns of the Female Athlete

By Danielle Masterson

Although women have been underrepresented in nutrition, sport, and exercise science research, there’s a growing understanding of how sex differences and sex hormones influence the nutritional requirements to maximize health, performance, and recovery...

© mihtiander / Getty Images

Q&A: Levelle Nutrition on fueling women to run the world

By Asia Sherman

Levelle Nutrition, founded by Linda Alvarez and Stephanie Schrauth, is on a mission to empower female athletes with fuel formulated for their physiology. With sex-specific nutrition understudied in clinical trial and overlooked in product formulations,...

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Women's Health

How are sports nutrition brands catering to the female athlete?

By Nikki Hancocks

Female focused sports nutrition (SN) brands are successfully bringing taboo health challenges out from under the table but those looking to cater to female athletes should harness technology to provide the power of knowledge, says an industry expert....

Are you ready for  ‘White spaces’?

Are you ready for ‘White spaces’?

By Danielle Masterson

By now you’ve seen The Changing Retail Landscape for Sports Nutrition, The Opportunity of the Microbiome, Recovery, and now it’s time for White Spaces in Sports & Active Nutrition.

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Exploring nutritional risks among female athletes: Study

By Danielle Masterson

Nutrition is key in an athlete's health and performance, with a variety of individual macronutrient and micronutrient needs based factors such as gender, age, and the type of the sport they’re involved in.


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